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Last Activity:
Mar 28, 2018
Jul 12, 2011
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Benefactor was last seen:
Mar 28, 2018
    1. NoToRiousBrawL
      Hello man , I'm ready to trade whenever you are , please use my second FC.
    2. evan0913
      Well, I need a Larvitar, but I see you have that pending :P
    3. evan0913
      Thanks for doing that Bene :D
    4. NoToRiousBrawL
      Hello mark long time no see I hope you would like my offer :-)
    5. evan0913
      Cool, see you inside :D
    6. evan0913
      thanks for that :D
    7. evan0913
      yeah deal, its not that new, had it for ages, only just got around to fixing the EVs... lol.
      you free to do that now?
    8. evan0913
      Oh fantastic, could you pick something from my thread for the skitty? I have alot of things updated, though haven't done an update post yet. Thanks for offering but I've already gotten hold of a Tentacool :)
    9. evan0913
      Hey Bene, do you have a DW female Skitty by anychance?
    10. Kierzor
      Thanks for the archen. My sand team I now complete
    11. Kierzor
      Ok. See you there
    12. Kierzor
      Would you be available to trade now
    13. evan0913
      Okay, thank you! You know your awasome right? :P
    14. evan0913
      Thanks Bene :D
      So do you have a Focus Punch parent for Shroomish? I just checked I definatly don't have one. I could maybe get one, but it would take some time
    15. pagongster55
      I played dw this morning hoping to get one of the new ones. I didn't even get sent to the mountain, but I ran into a DW female chinchou in the ocean. Do you want it? Weird thing is for some reason, I have never run into one before there and it isn't listed as one of the ones you can find there... Anyway, if you want it, I'll trade it to you. And I will let you know if I get a hold of anything on your dw wants list.
    16. GlaceonQueen
      Thank you for the excellent RNGs once again! Enjoy your new DW female, the DW eeveelutions and the ANA Darkrai. :>
    17. GlaceonQueen
      Excellent. :> I'll be in in five minutes or so.
    18. shadow_burnt
      Hey benfactor, if when you're done with the RNG's is it possible to do Evan and I's. It's just because I don't know how to RNG and need it for a battle me and my friend are going to do.
    19. Scorch5688
      Thanks for all the help. This guide does seem a bit more user friendly than the smogon ones.

      Have you ever tried RNGing a Roamer? I've read the guide on smogon, and it seems difficult considering the fact that the weather and NPCs advance the frame by a lot.
    20. Scorch5688
      Thanks. How about like videos or resources you used to learn? I've got a bunch of thread open right now from smogon, plus I'm watching bearsfan092 videos. I just got a DSLite today you see, as well as pokemon black. I'm running out of space on my white, plus I'm planning to use black to RNG stuff.
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