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Dec 27, 2016
Oct 13, 2013
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BenGoesGrr was last seen:
Dec 27, 2016
    1. Strytho
      The tyrunt is ready to go sitting in my box.
    2. Doobius
      sorry was out earlier. i am home now.
    3. Doobius
      you still in need of any HA pokes?
    4. ElectricThunder
      Hey I can pick a day but time might be hard because of time differences.
      If you can look the time up,would tomorrow at 3pm in ireland be okay?
    5. Doobius
      i have some of your not yet obtained pokes.
    6. FairyWitch
      was about to contact you before you contacted me lol anyway thanks for the trade you enjoy your chikorita :3
    7. FairyWitch
      ill be getting on very soon just letting you know need to add you in again. I thought i had you
    8. FairyWitch
      I think i may have you still i guess i can trade after I eat will you be on like 30 minutes to a hour from now?
    9. FairyWitch
      ben your chikorita is ready whenever you are i about to ate some dinner i may be on a bit later though just letting you know though we shall try to schedule a trade time
    10. FairyWitch
      thank you ben :3
    11. FairyWitch
      thanks for the trade :3 i hope to see you again glad we worked something out ;)
    12. FairyWitch
      alright ill add you in ill be online in like i say 5 minutes maybe a tiny bit longer
    13. FairyWitch
      alright ill see what i can do in 20 minutes then if i can't ill message back so you don't have to wait which ill add your wfc in a bit anyway just in case...
    14. FairyWitch
      give me like a few minutes Im in the middle of a few things atm how long will you be on for?
    15. FairyWitch
      its fine take your time im busy too so we shall work something out...
    16. FairyWitch
      just letting you know your cottonee is ready for trade ill try to work out a trade time with you busy with the holidays so hopefully i can get it to you soon sorry for the long wait been busy with work as well as its 4 iv with egg moves to make up the 1 iv less which it was no trouble its random ability and random 4 iv like you asked so we both are happy XD
    17. Shao-May
      Hello! Are you available to trade?
    18. Shao-May
      Oh sorry. The order is finished but I had something during week end. Now I should be able to trade normaly.
    19. WhyBuffet
      I know, I'm really pleased with it :)
      Only the "few more to go" are the really obscure ones that no one has, so it will be a challenge!
    20. varanus_komodoensis
      I do! I'm online right now, trading with someone else, but I'll add your FC once I'm done with this trade!
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