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  • Hey bud, i'm good. Check out my sig. My new teams are up on them. The third one will be my hg/ss team. What's up?..can you wi-fi now?
    I finished the game a while ago. I caught all the legends, even the roaming birds. I have all the badges and did everything within a week and four days or so.
    I just got the game a week or two ago, and finished it already. I went to every single area already. I even own the condo thing now. I have a serious darkrai from the member card thing. The game is cool! I had to rush through it to finish in time for my concentration on school though. I have a killer team, man. The second team with blaziken is my platinum team, but not the right fc.
    Hey ben, you posted on your own page..lol just saw this. Um, well the same for me. I've been too busy with school and still haven't gotten platinum. So, i'm a bit late on that still, the same with that darkrai wi-fi thing. I still want to get it, but it'll have to be before or on my b-day somehow. I'm broke though..lol
    Not much man. I've just been really busy with practice, my work schedule, and everything else man. To tell you the truth, I haven't picked up my DS in almost a month. It's crazy. but with news of HGSS i'm thinkin bout gettin back in. whats new with you?
    Its been a long time, Ben. I've been busy and still haven't gotten platinum yet. I missed out on the Rotom event. Oh well, i don't like that pokemon anyway. What's new?
    Hey ben, sorry for the late, late, late response, but i've been really busy lately. School stuff, you already know.I still don't have platinum yet. I'm debating still, whether or not i should buy it. I don't want it to take up most of my time, but it just looks so good. Man, i already have my team set up for platinum. Only thing missing is a turtwig. Look at my sig and see my teams.
    I still haven't bought it yet. I have a lot of work to do for my college courses. It sucks, but i hope i get it soon. I want to get all the official pokemon for it as somehow with my ot name. I have a ton of new official legends now. Japanese mew and everything. All i need is a legit celebi.
    Wanna fight?
    FC: 5327 1191 3596

    UU battle preferred but you can use OU poke if u don't have UU

    I need your FC if u do wanna battle
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