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  • Yep and Clarence. You know a show is bad if you get a headache from just the commercials!
    Cool. :D Is the Comet Tower still your favorite arc?
    He will but whether it's enough to get a higher standing is the real question.
    I dislike it when people complain about something being OOC even though a good amount of the times said OOC moment is simply an extra layer to the character that had yet to be fully explored.
    Yep, Dr. Jin will do more as well. I don't want him to be like other villainous leaders who don't appear and aren't actively trying to achieve a single thing.
    Digimon Future. It should be enjoyable for anyone who likes PGo!.
    [ They're both great, especially Connor who is ranked in the Top 20 battlers of the ASB at this time, I think. ]
    Yep and for re-airings of actually good content rather than 20 reruns of the same exact things.
    That's understandable, what do you prefer about Arc 2?
    If Golen can improve I'm sure Kyoya can do the same. xD
    Then they complain about it even though they had it coming from the start.
    Yep there will be and the currently known ones will do more as well.
    Btw I started a new fanfic.
    [ Trying to attack with super effective attacks going first is like telling your opponent your plans. Unless you give them a really nasty status effect like severe paralysis, sleep, or confusion, then it MIGHT work. I'd say you should try and read up on ASB matches between people like Connor, Mew The Gato, and Mercutio as they are really good battlers. ]
    Michael Bay to Direct a Film focused on Benghazi and the title I guess right now is 13 Hours and this is what I say: Holds Up Sign, NO! NO! DO NOT LET HIM DIRECT A FILM that is Focused towards Benghazi, THAT'S A TERRIBLE IDEA! He will make the Characters 2 Dimensional, Soldier Stereo Types, make Dramatizied, and will have 12 BILLION FIREWORKS that would probably be made for The 4th Of July
    [Thanks for understanding, man.]

    It's just dumb: something is only funny when it's actually clever, and nothing TR do nowadays as their non-serious selves is funny at all.

    It wouldn't: it'd be the exact same show, more or less.
    [What are you going to do, though, right? *sighs*]

    I'm not sure what exactly idiot TR brought to, or bring to, the show ever since DP began: I mean, mindless stupidity isn't something to be proud of, nor is abusing alliterations, having James giggle while Meowth pees on Jessie, etc.

    "And what new things it does bring to the table (like OMG! A WATER STARTER EVOLVES!) have no bearing on either the plot or the quality."

    ^IKR? See, this is EXACTLY the problem: the only new things it does bring to the stable aren't major at all- they're so minor they don't affect the plot or quality of the show at all.

    The English dub just...this is the last straw for me, really- I can't watch it anymore with this staff without getting upset: I thought TPCi were finally TRYING to get better in BW, but no, they go and regress back to their DP "standards" with XY's dub, and it really just feels awful seeing that after 8 years, they're even worse than when the initial switch occurred in their dubbing of Pokemon- 4Kids, at their worst in the beginning 20 episodes of their dub, was not even this bad...it's just...sickening.

    I mean, when the people that work on the show in English don't seem to care about what they're doing, either, it makes it really hard for someone as a fan to get into it as well.
    [I don't have many points anyway, so I'm not angry, but I didn't know you could get infracted for VM posts now, too- that sucks: no warning or anything before this-- just an instant infraction.]

    I guess people want to see the same thing over and over again rather than letting some changes to the formula occur? Either that, or they just can't stand that "badass" and "cool" Ash from DP wasn't in BW.

    The Anime in general is getting boring to watch, mainly because you know the end result before it occurs, and the repetition of older elements being brought back, after BW actually trying to shake things up, is making it even more jarring to sit through.

    Combine that with the English dub's decline in quality from when it started out, and it makes the Series hard to enjoy in general at this point.
    I guess decent programming is asking for too much s well. :/
    Cool, in comparison what do you prefer from Arc 1?
    Aw come on, but when he does get focus he rocks.
    Damn, so it's like you're still disappointed but just on a smaller scale since you don't personally follow it.
    Pretty much, their tears and reactions when they're wrong is amazing though.
    Cool, but let's not forget Duke x Nichole. xD
    Yeah, It's AN ORIGINAL FILM! HARDLY ANY EXPLOSIONS! Like there is just one Dream Fantasy Explosion Sequence and that's it, I feel like Movies these days just use Explosions just for the sake of Explosions.
    [No joke: I got a 5 point infraction for insulting Dogasu just now, in VMs, apparently.]

    Again, I don't blame you: I guess Clemont is the best of the group, but even he gets pretty dull at times.
    I feel like an idiot for wanting quality and an amazing product.
    What do you prefer, the first 10 chapters of Arc 1 or the first 10 chapters of Arc 2?
    B...but he's the first rival...
    At least you saved your self the disappointment. :x
    Some of them are so wrong that they have to convince themselves that they're right.
    Cool, what PGo! ships would you not mind happening?
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