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Recent content by benttwig33

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    OU TEAM- please rate! (first EV'd team)

    Rampardos isn't a 'tank', especially banded. Free bump.
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    a team for Starmie

    Not so much grass weak, just fire weak. Keep in mind on Porygon HP Water, Tri attack + HP water have complete neutral coverage. Just sayin'
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    The Collosus of Clout

    Too muany stps invovled, seems fun....but not consistent.
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    A team built around ninjask....

    Never ever ever have Any special move, let alone Om Wind on ninjask, that logic is very stupid. Either way, I often use a ninjask lead, and you can only keep him in for 2-3 turns max before it gets knocked out most of the time, it is an obvious strategy and other tends to take it out quick...
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    this won't be half as good as I want it to be [OU RMT]

    I say Standard Mixpert starter Swampert would own the one you have. I vote to change it! check smogon O.o
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    Dancin' in the rain (Rain Dance NU team)

    Why the heck would you give Electrode gyro ball? Hes one of the fastest pokes in the game, its going to have the lowest base power possible on every attack, not to mention lack to STAB and a terrible attack stat. Thunderbolt/Thunder > Gyro Ball
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    Yeah sure :P

    Yeah sure :P
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    No, I got DC'ed, but I was going to loose anyway. haha Also, Medicham + Ninjask were tryouts...

    No, I got DC'ed, but I was going to loose anyway. haha Also, Medicham + Ninjask were tryouts, they obviously didnt work very well. So, suck it :p
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    Bulk's Team (Phase One)

    Weavile needs Ice Punch over avalanche. When do you ever expect weavile to go 2nd? It's too fact. Ice Shard would even be a good replacement due to STAB and priority. And try getting dragon dance on Tyranitar, even return would be better if you plan on keeping thrash.
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    Darkness is Everywhere RMT

    weavile needs brick break over low kick, wow.
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    A UU I threw together.

    Ah, typed the wrong number for the at a glance, haha. I will, Rotom was a weak point, as is hitmonlee. Im just not sure what to replace it with, as for starters I didnt even think abour Raikou!
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    Semistall OU

    Jirachi is dying to have iron head, especially if you use it late game. 60% flinch at end-game solidifies the win most of the time.
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    A UU I threw together.

    No rates? O.o
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    Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Walrus [OU]

    Why on earth would you have an attack hindering nature on jirachi? All its move are physical, im clueless as to why you would give it 253 attack EVs then hinder it with the nature....
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    First Competitive Team (UU/NU Tier)

    Toxis over a direct attcking move on bastiodon, he cant attack....not with his stats.