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  • Yeah. He already heard this in the news and he said he was 'Sorry' and 'Deeply Saddened'. I don't believe him though. But I think you can sue someone for that. and get a bunch o` moneyyyyyy!!!!! xD
    I know! I can't believe people like that... He probably thinks he's God's gift to the world. Why do people like that even exist!?
    Well, (you know they're dating, right?) they ot into a fight and then Chris started hurting Rihanna and she had to go to the hospital. My friend used to be a total Chris Brown fangirl until she heard this. Now she hates him with all her heart. D=
    Thanks~ Who knows, maybe i'll just go back to sleep soon. This was awesome. I had french today and I like chorus better. It also gave me a chance for my homework. (My french teacher gives 1 lunch detention for each missing homework... it sucks out loud)
    My wish did come true~ =D I just woke up and I nearly killed my mom for not waking me up until she told me that there was no school... lol.
    Heyyy~ So what's up? They're predicting massive snow for my area tonight, so I may not have school tommorrow. Epic win! =) Hopefully, my wish will come true. *crosses fingers*
    True, oh so true... I told my teacher I was staying home for the weekend on the computer and after everyone was done sharing she said "Have fun and be safe."
    I chimed in and said "Yes, be safe. The internet is a dangerous place." Everyone
    so lol'ed at that. ^-^
    Well, since my Mom is so paranoid and won't let me give my location over the internet, I'll just say i'm in eastern time zone. XD
    I'm doing fine. Right now i'm just surfing the internet and the forums. It's almost 12:00
    noon here. I don't blame you. Time differences confuse me too. =p
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