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  • I can trade the Snover on monday, wednesday and friday between 11.00 and 15.00 without a problem. My imezone is GMT+2. Have you cleared out your inbox yet? Send me a Pm with the time for the trade that would suit you best.
    Hello, I have the Snover for you. It's level 1 and registers the Netherlands as location of origin. I will need to complete the trade within the week, after that I won't be available for a while. O yeah, your inbox is full. I tried to send you a PM, but it came right back.
    Hey your pm space was full, I know Shijima does free clones if you post on his trade shop, don't pm him though.
    Just look in my shop, and you'll see most of the ones I have.

    I already have all three Crown Beasts, flawless with good natures, but I will readily take Shiny Flawless pokemon w/good natures, if I don't have them already.
    Well, sorry to say that I've either gotten/had these already, or don't catch my eye.

    I'll tell you what: I'll hold onto the Groudon, and if you have more than one good shiny pokemon that I don't have/makes a good replacements to touched/poor nature ones I have, I'll trade it. :)
    I hate to break it to you, but I already have the same Shiny Eevee...Sorry.

    As for Solrock, no thanks. I'm looking only for untouched pokemon, and if you cannot trade the Palkia, no need to bother with it.

    What about events? Do you have any rare and interesting ones to offer? (willing to accept Korean pokemon, but ONLY if they are really good.)
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