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  • Hey there, I saw your post on the shiny trading thread. Just thought I'd give you a few tips to prevent hacks:

    Arceus: You can't get a shiny one without hacking
    Celebi: The only shiny one is the Ageto Celebi (Japanese, arrived from Hoenn), and there's still some uncertainty whether or not it's legit
    Jirachi: The only shiny ones are the CHANNEL Jirachi and the WISHMKR Jirachi (both English with those OTs)
    Deoxys: The only shiny one is the Birth Island one (arrived from Hoenn, OTs vary as you can catch them yourself). There are also rumors that a shiny Space C one exists.
    Shaymin: The only shiny one I know of is the one from Platinum (any language). If it doesn't have "Fateful Encounter", then chances are it's from D/P using a hacked event (the Shaymin itself could be lefit)
    Darkrai: Same as above, except you can get it in D/P. If it doesn't have "Fateful Encounter", it's hacked.
    Manaphy: The only shiny one I know of is the Ranger Egg Manaphy.

    Hope I helped c:
    Alright. If the Eevee has a good nature along with Palkia, would you be willing to trade those two for my Shiny Flawless Groudon?
    Hmm...Sounds sort of good. I'm interested in the Eevee, as long as it's nature is good, and one I don't have.

    What about your Solrock and Palkia?
    I checked the IV's against a calculator I use, and its IV's came out to be all 31.

    There is also the guy in the Battle Subway that tells you if your Pokemon has "good potential." If he says it's outstanding over all, then goes on to name all of its stats and says that they "Can't be better in that regard," then it's flawless.

    On another note, are your Shiny Golem, Shiny Eevee, and Shiny Snorunt untrained? If so, do you know the EV spreads on them?
    Well, mine is a Flawless Shiny Legendary, so do you have two good Shiny Flawless regular pokemon that you're willing to trade for it?
    Luckily, I am. Just get me get your FC and then I'll be in the room as soon as you're ready as well. My own FC is in my sig.
    I am interested in this Mew, in that case.

    You'll be willing to take the Shiny Celebi that you mentioned for it?
    I am interested in the first one, the Adamant Mew. What are its stats, and its OT number? (I want to know also if it's Japanese or not.)

    If its stats are good enough, then I'll trade my Shiny Celebi for it.
    I still have my Shiny Celebi...But I also have a Shiny Mew, Mild, which is a decent nature for a special sweeper.

    Whether I'm interested or not in a trade, depends on your Mew's Nature and moveset, not to mention IV's.
    I already have the Event Shiny Pichu, and unless the Palkia is EV-trained, I'm not interested in that either. Sorry...
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