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  • I vote for the same ones as you, cause I agree with the other ones being plain or just simply too much. I quite like top right the most, but I also cant choose it between the other two so might as well use them all.
    I think they're great! I do like your edition of the feet. I'm trying to decide between the bottom ones, since I quite like the front and back legs being quite different.

    Yeah, it's nicely made. I think we should move the red dots to the ball-tail. or they could just be removed overall since they're on the paws already if you think it'll be too much on the back :p
    actually, the tail is a splice, I thought I was being too slow :p too used to gwsc I guess XD

    Okay, sounds fair.

    Yes, I very much remember that. However, The reason I did not do that is because I'm doing the larvitar/magnemite evolution line XD so the one tyranitar would be fusing is Magnezone. ThoUgh I'll probably make a magnemite version cause I have an idea now on how to fuse them now.

    Oh, and Congrats on winnIng GWSC!
    Ja, ik moest eigenlijk de post maken net na de poll afsloot, maar ik vertrok toen net op vakantie dus dat was een beetje moeilijk.
    Stuur maar door wanneer je een afbeelding gekozen hebt. Er is zeker geen tijdsdruk om dit te doen.
    Ik wou je even persoonlijk feliciteren voor het winnen van de GWSC Sprite of the Year!
    En natuurlijk je trofee overhandigen:

    Echt een supergoede sprite (ik heb er ook op gestemd :p) en ben heel blij dat deze sprite gewonnen heeft!
    Ook bedankt voor je activiteit bij de GWSC! Ik denk dat je zeker andere mensen enthousiast hebt gekregen om mee te doen aan de GWSC!

    Als 'extraatje' kan je ook een 'custom avatar' krijgen als je dit zou willen!
    Dit betekent dat je een afbeelding (100x100 en <20kb) kan kiezen en een admin zal deze als je avatar maken.
    Aangezien ik een moderator ben (en dus geen admin) kan ik dit niet zelf doen, dus ik kan het je niet 100% verzekeren dat dit zal mogen maar vorige jaar lukte het toch!
    Dus als je hierin geïnteresseerd bent, stuur maar een afbeelding door!
    Unfortunately, I had no design for the petals XD I'm going for registeel's style and just have the head/neck as the center with the grooved border I didn't put it in the deisn, but I might add more of registeel's eyes on meganium's neck like bayleef :p then replace the tail with a scratch arm.

    I've never done a collab before either so this would be fun. Yeah, I actually do have one idea in mind. It's a Registeel/Meganium fusion XD Just thoight it'd be nice to finish your regi-johto fusions XD I've done some outlines of how I envision the fusion to look like, so I can do the outlines/scratch, fill them in and probably the colours and you can do the light/shade and refining?
    I'll consider those ideas XD When I have the time and inspiration to do so.

    Oh, that's cool. and now here you are with your honed work! I've always loved your magcargo fusions. The details you put in with the lava parts are awesome, which was what really got me into spriting after my first thread.

    Hey, wanna do a collab sprite? I thought it'd be interesting to do outside of the gwsc since that's the only time I saw collab works. if you want, we can even do two sprites, one of my choosing and one of yours since I'm the one asking. I just imagine this as dividing the workload.
    No problem, I haven't been on here for a while, so no worries, sorry for being away for so long, but things have been more than I can handle. I'll tell u about them in a VM.

    Thanks! You did awesome with your Heracross-Shuckle too!
    Oh, really? woah. It's like you just started with fusions with the recolour as the package with it XD
    I'm thinking of how to re-texture either cloyster or electrode cause I remember you or someone else pointed out on my first fusion that the contrast was too different with cloyster and electrode XD and that was a few years back I believe. I took the advice, but now I just remember it and I want to try and challenge it, just like with noobiess's tutorial on what he said with an example of larvitar and magnemite being a bad fusion XD Though I'd have to agree with him on that one a little, it's hard getting the eye in the right position.
    I'm doing great so what do you like to do battle or just play the game for fun
    Been fairly busy lately; that, or the sprite we're making is something I'm not a fan of doing (pixel-overs). Cause I prefer to have fun with a sprite, than to do one just "to do it" and not enjoy myself.

    But aside from that, I've either been away from home, helping out with my church, or working on school.

    I tried to enter Week 88, but I couldn't really get anything good done. Was thinking of making a coffee-maker Rotom, but it looked so odd that I ended up scratching that idea. xD

    If Week 91 is something good, I'll try and make some stuff again. Things are finally starting to calm down, and I have more spare time, so that's a good thing. :)
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