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  • Yeah, the signature would break the rules if you used it with your other banner in your sig.

    You can always hotlink your signature back to the club though.
    /took out my old banner and put Suicune's in.
    //not stalking the club, just happened to look at the club as soon as a new post came P:
    Congrats on your shiny Roggenrola and winning one of the pokemon of the month contest.
    Lol, that was quick. Well, your Roggen hunt isn't for sure.^^
    Hi, thanks very much for the trade. I am sorry that I couldn't offer you any good poke (although the DW Surskit with Hydro Pump is not too bad) coz I was inside the wifi room with my Black edition, where I am only at 3rd badge. But I have some good ones on my White, so if you are looking for sth specific, just let me know, maybe I can help you. Thanks so much for the Charmander, it is so sweet and I don't have it so far (neither on my Black nor on my White so far).
    hey lady if u later want especif natures it would be nice if u request them before, if you get more dittos feel free to request other 2 pokemon with especific natures.
    u got a mitsurin celebi and a birth island deoxys
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