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  • VGC is looking super promising based off some of the new pokemon.... One can only hope!
    Hello Mr. Dumbness, so you are a Pokémon breeder? I don't suppose you breed on any of the 3ds games?
    Thanks! We've been running Black Ice on our own site since the thread closed, but we haven't been doing that well. Decided to open it on Serebii again in order to grow.
    I'm still in charge of the Guild, but Dumbness is in charge of the thread.
    yeah we have a skype chat actually but its not a real guild chat its mostly everyone mixed in from other guilds of the past XD I might just do it, do I have to download it to my computer or is there a way to make a account without doing that? I know willie made a account which alot of people use it there which he wanted me to make a user account there.
    one of my guild members has it which he ended up making a chat for us but he said I should join it to be on it because everyone is ditching xat now as well since its a old site which I do see though it is old news. I see though dang that is alot of money your shelling out >.> good luck on your studies though of what your going for which tbh going back for what I was going for is dead now so I have to change my whole career around once again.
    ah I see you on campus what you going for? I was in college for a short time before quiting after the associates degree because I had no money plus they wouldn't let me get any loans -_- it sucked so I haven't gone back since but besides that evething is going well and everyone keeps telling me here to get discord its better then skype they say...
    hey bgp how it going? its been awhile once again since we talked ^_^ glad to see dracena is still running good :3
    Boohoo. No matter how fair in battle, there are always status inflictions and crit ratios, so must as well just battle normally.

    By the way, have you beaten the No. 1 player in rating battle before? Because I did, even when my ratings was low. I am so proud of myself~ I can show you a vid as a proof.
    Instead of seeing the gameplay, you should try it so you know whether it is great! But, I believe there won't be a trial version though.

    So how is your clan going? I think it is not easy to get people to stick to clans any more since the arrival of 6th gen.
    No worries BGP~ I thought you are busy with your clan XD

    Oh! Sonic Mania? Looks promising, but it is just adding new stages to the classic stages. I guess Sonic Team wants to understand what makes the classic game lovable.
    Greetings again, BGP.. Good to see you still active on here. Prepare yourself, another great clan is marching towards its official opening, and we are ready to oppose other clans into wars. This is not an official War challenge by the way, but maybe we could face each other in a War someday.
    You mentioned 20th Anniversary stuff? I've got something totally different than the remakes that just came out...

    I got the original Japanese Red, Green, and Yellow... all three never before opened, all three still in their original import packages. I think that's just as fitting as anything, considering it's a celebration of these games coming out. The best part? I got them at some secondhand game store for dirt cheap! XD
    Hi BGP hehe. Long time no see! How is your Pokemon Clan holding up?

    I will be here in the forum for a few days and off I go!
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