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  • Just so you know, I saw your pc to me on xat about you feeling my pain.

    It sucks, don't it? I feel your pain myself, mine at least had the decency to quit on me first :p
    My bro said Sonic Dash is like Temple Run (i phone game app).

    Haha so copied.
    I didn't delete all. Blue Mew is still in my FL even though he made me angry.

    But that is not the main thing why I quit. I need to minimize online chatting that distract me of my studies.

    VGC? I dun have any points for VGC. Lol.
    Sorry. For no apparent reason I deleted you from my friend list.

    I must be on rage. I deleted others from Drac as well.

    Wanna be friends again? I sent you a FR.
    hahahahaha yeah and it will exprire at the end of this month 0_0 i didn't know that part but still i rather just upload stuff and still have that rule just in case...
    wow he paying money for no offense but a crappy glitchy site 0_0 i personally don't like photobucket at all the only think is the layout but everything else sucks about it...doesn't upload well and makes images and especially animated stuff glitch...that shadow's buisness though and choice i can't stop him and yeah photobucket killed my clan art and my clubs so i have to upload them to my deviant art or imageshack again and i told people in my art shop they need to upload it themselves after i finish cuaz i will be deleting at some point...so that doesn't happen at all with my imageshack account...thanks for respondin though...
    its working now but finally got my background going that was talking about the background wasn't loading...photobucket sucks lol i got it going like 4 hours ago XD
    hey is your xat glitching my is glitching really bad i can't even change my background and priviacy settings? just curious..
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