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  • Aww, you'll be gone again? :(

    Indeed, there's no denying that the Switch is innovative. I'm just worried about the possibility of third-party developers shying away from it, which would lead to poor sales.
    The game might even be 100% done by now; it's just a matter of knowing when to release it and how to advertise it in the meantime.

    Man, it appears as though some people in the PM fanbase are so committed to the style of the first two games that they would go out of their way to ruin everything for those who enjoyed Sticker Star. I thought the PM fanbase was more compassionate than this...
    I'm wondering if the Rotom can be sent into battle in any way. It is a Pokémon, after all. Or will this be the first time in a main Pokémon game in which the player can get a Pokémon that they can't ever use in battle?
    What do you think of the new info?

    Solgaleo is Psychic/Steel. I never would have guessed that in a million years...
    I can see Solgaleo being Fairy type due to its holy and magical appearance. Lunaala could be Ghost/Fairy as well, come to think of it. (Its phantasmal appearance plus Fairy's association with the moon.)

    Let's look at the name Solgaleo... "Sol" means sun, and "leo" means lion. Also, "galeo" could be seen as a corruption of Galileo. Just some food for thought...

    Lunaala might even be called Lunara in English.
    My favorite of the starters is Litten. So cute! My prediction is that Litten will evolve into a Fire/Dark type and Popplio into a Water/Fighting type. I swear to Arceus, if Litten evolves into a Fire/Fighting type...

    The box legends (whose names are still unconfirmed, mind you) look decent imo. I get a Dark/Fairy vibe from the Moon one and a Fire/Fairy vibe from the Sun one.

    We'll just have to wait and see about the box legends' roles. Maybe everything will work out for you. :)
    Haha xD Tyranitar's umbrella and boots are funny.
    Although the premise of tiers for Pokémon is good IMO, you're right about the fact that they take it too seriously. I joined this forum for X/Y discussion in 2013, and after getting introduced to it, tried getting into competitive many times, but it was too much for me to learn. All I gained though, was basic knowledge of EVs/IVs. The fact that EVs and IVs are in the games, but quite hidden away (until X/Y) makes me think that the makers actually intend for the game to be played competitively...to a certain extent. Not a lot. So, since you haven't ever played competitive, do you bother about EVs/IVs in-game? I grew up with the anime too :) EVs are basically the game counterpart of the anime's Pokémon training, while IVs are...genes?
    Time and time again, I've tried to get into it; but I just keep getting tired of it. Yesterday, I saw an image on Reddit (/r/pokemon) Link: http://i.imgur.com/Gno5MIC.jpg which set me thinking that it's really not the way I should be playing Pokémon.
    What about you? Did you ever try to play competitive?
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