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  • Yeah right.
    Anyways i am a rocketshipper but that isn't the only reason why i like TR.They have an amazing persona...that goes unnoticed by many.
    I like what you had to say for the most part, but there a few problems with your theory as to why they can't be Gen 7:

    1. We've been told that the NX will be a third-pillar platform to coexist with the Wii U and 3DS; it won't replace either of them.
    2. Even if the NX is the successor to the 3DS, that doesn't mean that any additional games for Gen 7 can't still be for the 3DS. B2/W2 came out for the DS after the 3DS was already on the market for a while.
    I'm not reading too much into it. The article I read regarding the logos suggested the company had registered a number of copyrights for games that never came to fruition, including Pokémon Grey and Delta Emerald.
    Hey, what do you make of this supposed leak of logos of Pokémon Moon and Pokémon sun trending in the news. I know it's just a logo leaked from a trademarks register in Europe and may not come to anything, but it seems similar to your idea.
    Yeah; your Tenno games. XD

    Here's my guess: Sun and Moon will be Gen 6.5, set in Kalos with Southern Kalos now accessible, new Pokémon will be introduced, and Southern Kalos will have a legendary Pokémon mythology of its own involving the sun and the moon. Of course, this is all assuming that Sun and Moon actually become games...WaterBlue, Gray, and Delta Emerald were also trademarked and those games never happened.
    yeah.i love TR specially the PRE-unova ones.they were so funny!Now,even though they have lost their real personality,they will always remain my favorite! :)
    Yes, Thousand-Year Door is great! Play it as soon as you get the chance! My only real issue is that there's quite a bit of backtracking involved. I've play a little of SMRPG on an emulator a long time ago, but I haven't gotten very far.
    Yes, it's much more of an M&L game than a Paper Mario game. I've been into the M&L series ever since Superstar Saga. The only two Paper Mario games I've played have been Thousand-Year Door and Super Paper Mario. Of all the Mario RPGs that I've played, my favorites are Bowser's Inside Story and Thousand-Year Door.

    You heard rumors about a Paper Mario Wii U? Cool! :D
    Mostly working. I'm waiting to hear back from the college I applied at; I want to go back and get my bachelor's. I also just bought Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. It's pretty good so far, the story's kinda bland though.
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