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Last Activity:
Jan 23, 2015
May 27, 2010
Likes Received:
Jun 23, 1986 (Age: 33)

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Chilled Hottie, 33

Bhatman was last seen:
Jan 23, 2015
    1. Northern Lights
      Northern Lights
      It's going good - recently got some wool so I can knit myself a scarf, and i'm on a Doctor Who binge atm
    2. Kutie Pie
      Kutie Pie
      Oh d'oh! I keep forgetting that XD. Thanks for correcting me. *drills it into brain for good*
    3. Skiyomi
      No problem :)
    4. Skiyomi
      Absolutely! Go ahead :)
    5. nastydams
      Hey, I saw your thread about having no leagues in india.. It's an year old, I know. But still, you mentioned there that you get your cards shipped to you. Is it not possible to buy it from game stores and such? I'm planning to start my own deck. I know I'm a little late, but I still want to do it, you know..
    6. Northern Lights
      Northern Lights
      thanks =]
      and sure you can use that
    7. Makaveli
      What part of India you from?
    8. Foxyvulpixie
      no, i live in california xD.
      but i'm sri-lankan, and india and sri-lanka are kind of similar so i thought that was cool~
    9. pupintheturd
      Gotta love him.

      Bad habit in deleting things and school exams make for a lethal combination. Leaves me with nothing to showcase.

      I do obsess over single banners lol

      I would've let you... if I could... but... bad habit is pretty darn bad.
    10. Foxyvulpixie
      ohmygosh you live in india!
      thats so cool ^^
    11. pupintheturd
      Azure Wolf? Yeah he was a really cool guy. Helped me out tons when I first started out. Oh, yeah... now that I think about it again, we did actually have that much.

      I'm good. Haven't really been in the mood to make things lately. Nowadays I am really picky with what I make and tend to delete anything I see as flawed. Really bad habit. But I did feel this itch to start an art thread, so maybe I will make some new stuff.
    12. pupintheturd
      Around an year back, Digital Media had a tight knit group of around 7-8 Graphic Designers. Now it's just people posting banners.
      Was I part of this? I can't remember Digital Media having even that kind of traffic.

      That aside, how are you Vshan? What made you become active?
    13. Makaveli
      Nice to see more indians on serebii. !!
    14. noobers
      Great Pendulum banner.
    15. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      IIRC there were like 7. And there was a little discussion in the Gen. Chat Thread, but that was about it.
    16. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      I have that in my signature as a tribute to the shitstorm that was caused by Jacqueline Flores.
    17. Zhanton
      Being an Australian-born Lankan, cricket is sort of in my blood hahaha :P

      I'm more looking forward to Sachin inevitably scoring his ton tbh haha :P I thought he had it in the bag for sure in the first innings during the Boxing Day test but apparently not :S

      And Happy New Year to you too!
    18. chuboy
      The answer is because an aircraft doesn't power its wheels at all. Its turbines compress air and force it out the back in order to propel the aircraft forward - so it is pushing against the air in the atmosphere and not against the ground. The wheels are just there to provide a nearly frictionless surface so that the aircraft can roll along the runway unimpeded. It is for this reason that an aircraft can take off on water or ice while a car (which turns its wheels in order to move) would not move at all due to the lack of traction between the wheel and the surface.

      Assuming there is next to no friction between the wheel bearings and the aircraft, the wheels can roll independent of the velocity of the plane. The aircraft will, to a bystander, proceed along a normal takeoff roll (same distance), but the wheels at the point of liftoff would be spinning twice as fast as they normally would to account for the motion of the conveyor belt.

      Hypothetically, if the aircraft's brakes were applied and the conveyor belt was switched on, then the aircraft would move with the conveyor belt as the wheels are not free to turn relative to the aircraft.
    19. Zhanton
      Hey hey heyyy! Merry Christmas, have a good one!
    20. Thought Ballune
      Thought Ballune
      How was your Diwali?
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    Jun 23, 1986 (Age: 33)
    Favourite Pokémon:



    "I'd rather be critiqued by people of high standards,
    than be praised by people of low standards." ~ Mozart

    Credits to the amazing Skiyomi for the banner.