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  • Ya almost vinsihed my animation?

    Also \/ @ KA, O_O Doesn't N-Z do PMD Animations? Are i'm sure people have been doing HG/SS animations bere you, not to be rude or anything :\
    It isn't the name of the shop, it is what you are doing...

    Negative-Zero has been doing these for a long time, and you should not steal his idea, and this is his idea. Well, actually since you are using HGSS overworld sprites, they are MY idea. Please, either give credit to me, or I will ask a moderator to close the shop.
    My pleasure :D
    Btw I am a Pakistani, so I can speak urdu which is quite similar to hindi.
    So, we can talk in our DESI language :p
    Nice to meet you :)
    Hmm... Vshan, an Indian serebiian? Cool :D
    So, we are kind of neighbours :p
    I think ur the first indian serebiian that I've seen on this forum.
    Anyway welcome to serebii forums :p
    Apka Swaagat he, yahan p :D
    He sometimes takes requests about the Pokemon of the week, so some may show up more than others.

    You could always PM Serebii and ask him, i'm sure he'd tell you.
    Hi i noticed you were wondering about the site name.

    I think the reason it's called Serebii is because it's the owner's favorite Pokemon.
    First of all: You can delete double posts. You have the option when you click edit.

    Second: Those pictures you have in your post should be put into your signature. not into every post you make.
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