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  • Awesome:) I think it's pretty cool to get started that way. It's such a simple way, but yet it made a big enough impact on me where I think when I get older I would want to do this stuff for a living.
    Still got some time to think about it though, I'm trying not to rush my future. :p
    Also I've already finished my banner yesterday evening so just tell me when you're done with it if you aren't already. no rush. :U
    Actually in 6th grade, soo.. about 5 years ago? Goin' on 6, I guess you could say. :)
    One day I just joined a video game site, saw all these "sigs" at the time, and thought it was amazing! hahha, so I figured out how they did them, and tried to copy them. ;)
    How bout you?
    lol, well, I wouldn't really call it lazier. d: It's really just that GFX isn't the sites main focus. One site I'm active on is totally graphics related, it revolves are them. Another is a video game site, but we still have some people who are really committed to graphics.
    So, it's not totally laziness, hahha. ;)
    Ahh, I got'cha. I suppose if it's not the most active, I can somewhat understand the decision.
    hahha, yeah the battles are pretty fun! Most of the other sites I'm active on have something like this, but nobody really does them too often. Then again, both are pretty active with SotW's and SotM's.
    Well, that doesn't seem right. Is this mod into graphic designing herself? Because if she is, I can't possibly see how she doesn't understand the need for change and new styles. That's pretty much #1 for GFX-ers!
    Don't get me wrong, I know the sites main focus isn't Graphic Designing, but that doesn't mean you can't expand. Not to more fourms or anything, but I would think everybody would want to work more with. More tutorials, more resources like renders, C4D's, stocks, and wayy more contests.
    But then again, I really haven't been around here to see how active the "Digital Media" forum is, hmm? :)
    No, I haven't really looked into them yet, I'll do that asap though. :)
    is there any SotW or anything? Just curious, I saw some older stuff, but it didn't look very active. :/
    Really, that. I'm always looking for new sites to be active on, and places to learn and try to improve my style. :)
    Plus, Pokemon's pretty awesome ;D
    ah...thank you, I forgot if other user using different skins
    actually, this gif was edited in photoshop and has outer glow, but if I make it transparent the end of the glow will be white coloured

    I appreciate your help, thank you :)
    Like I said, I use pixel text a lot. The three main fonts I use are 04b03 (which I use the most), Visitor TT1 BRK and Visitor TT2 BRK (which are just different versions of each other).
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