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  • That's cool! I may have to look into learning it. (And besides, it's got such a cool name!)

    You can download the 32-bit version. That's what I did. You can find it here. Just choose "PC (Intel x86) alternate install DVD." The file is approximately 1.44 GB. With my internet it took about 2.5-3 hours. Your download time may vary. And if you need any help with getting it installed, just let me know!
    Thanks so much. That's a great help and I wont have to pester others for the colour picker now. ^_^ It's not a flag. It's a chakram.
    Cool! I'm glad you have such computer knowledge at such an age. If you're going into the computer biz, the earlier you start the better! Do you know what some of the main uses of Ruby and Ruby on Rails is?

    That might work....'course I don't wanna spend the money! lol

    Those programs are pre-built into the Ubuntu Studio installer package. Ubuntu Studio is a variation of regular Ubuntu. During installation of Ubuntu Studio, you have to select to install certain features. (I just installed all of them!)
    If you want to test drive Ubuntu Studio, I urge you to download Virtual Box and Ubuntu Studio. Both are free. (Note: even though I use a 64-bit version of Windows and I believe that Virtual Box supports 64-bit operating systems, I couldn't get the 64-bit version of Ubuntu Studio to work.)
    Very cool! I like it! You know Ruby on Rails?

    And sorry for taking so long to respond to your last message. I'm such a delay-fish!

    What I wanted you to notice in this pic is that the Android OS noticed that I didn't have any cell-phone service. (Notice the words "No Service") Kinda kooky.

    Aaannnd...here, here, and here are the pictures of Ubuntu Studio. If you want, I can take some pictures of openSUSE, too.
    (11/10 if you could post a tutorial showing how to make the animated rain effect).
    A tutorial has already been done by Umi Mizuni - I learnt the trick from her
    Hey vshan. Did you ever receive a PM from me about the Pokemon exam? I fear that I might have skipped your name and did not send you a PM. I am going to resend a PM to you now.

    I am SO sorry if I forgot to send a PM to you.
    Here you go: [link] (The first two are the Android pics)

    These are the pictures of the Androidx86 OS. If you want Ubuntu Studio or openSUSE pics, I can take some. I want you to take note what is on screen in the second picture.

    How outdated are we talking about? 2001-ish?
    *snicker* I'm glad you asked! Generally, I use Windows 7, although I sometimes use our older computer that has Windows Vista on it. But! Recently, I installed a nifty little program called Virtual Box that allows you to run operating systems inside other operating systems. I downloaded and played around with: Ubuntu Studio, and Android x86. Today, I'll download openSUSE (and maybe LinuxMint).

    Using Android was hoot because it looked like it was designed for phones and tablets. The controls were kinda hard to use and it seemed like I could have used touch input if I had the right device. I actually logged onto SPPF using the browser, but I couldn't do much. Do you want to see the screenshots I took of it?
    Teeny bit. I learned a bit about macros in Microsoft Office this quarter. Also, I'll be taking a class this summer that is a basic class on programming meant to introduce students to programming. The class will be using this program.
    That's fine. I understand. In all honesty, I had forgetten that I asked you! O.O

    Cool! I'll also be learning about XHTMl, HTML, and XML this fall. These aren't exactly programming languages, but they're similar. PHP is cool. I know that PHP can be used to create those online shopping carts. Serebiiforums uses it a lot, too.

    Are you learning Ruby on Rails or just plain Ruby?
    OOh! Awesome! Which ones?

    I was going to learn some Visual Basic during my break from school, but the break wasn't as long as I thought it would be so I scrapped those plans.... But I am scheduled to take a class on Java this fall! Phone apps, here I come!
    VShan! What's goin' on, buddy?

    I'm doin' well, busy with college. Since we last talked, I've learned a lot about the inside of a computer, how to fix a computer, and more. I'm currently taking a course about operating system concepts, which could be quite useful.

    So what have you been up to?
    i just msgd u for another query...please cooperate...m sorry for asking so many questions..
    i have no one to ask from.
    nice to see u mate :D
    do u own a DS lite? i really want to know that is it possible to connect for online trading in india?
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