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Big Beluga
Last Activity:
Apr 16, 2018
Dec 9, 2009
Likes Received:

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Big Beluga

u r a fatty, from wherever there's food

Big Beluga was last seen:
Apr 16, 2018
    1. AB2
      chea what's poppin homeboi
    2. Saph~
      would you be willing to part with the pink blob for battle city? :$ Gallade/ Shiftry / Whimsicott / Relicanth / Golurk/Gourgeist ill trade 2-3 of those for it bar gourgiest
    3. GoshinX03
      Hey, will you be on anytime tonight or this week? Also, is you xat name the same as your serebii name?
    4. RzK
      Hey there i am in the last group of region wars, i battled soul muse and i lost. The third member, woebegonick, is nowhere to be seen O_O and the last one, #TWERKTEAM got banned because he made a disgusting post in the thread.
      So who progresses to Round 2?
    5. GoshinX03
      Missed you again. What time zone are you? I'm EST.
    6. EmeraldGoblin
    7. GoshinX03
      Hey, sorry for missing you. We can try again tomorrow if you'd like, around the same time for you too if you want.
    8. Honus
    9. GoshinX03
      Sounds great! So, when would you like to have our battle then? I'm running on EST-timezone, and I'm pretty much free during the evenings throughout the week.
    10. EZ Target?
      EZ Target?
      hi!we have to play for RW. timezone gmt+1. i can be on most times between 9:30am-10pm po name: ez target? ps name: ez target .hope to get this before thursday as thats when school starts. gl
    11. GoshinX03
      Hey BB, sorry for bothering you, but I have a couple of questions:

      #1. Are all battles conducted over PO or PS?
      #2. How long do each round last for?
    12. Kingothestone
      Creamery Command Member,
      It has now been over one month since your last post on the guild thread. As per our guild rules, which you should have read when you joined, you are now marked as an Inactive Member. You have 48 hours to make a post on the clan thread, or you will be removed from both The Flavorboard and the Members List. If you wish to reapply after this 48 hour period has passed, you will need to fill out a new application, and you will need to actually be an active member. There are no 3rd chances.
    13. old man
      old man
      Hey BB What's been going on?
    14. Extroph
      Hi when can we do our TCC match lol
    15. Prohawk
      Kots is getting all annoyed, so we have to battle for his tour. I'm GMT +12 and am usually on the Danger INC. channel on PO. Where can I hunt you down??
    16. Kingothestone
      Please complete your Combatants Cup match with Prohawk.
    17. Kingothestone
      Please complete your Combatants Cup match with Lunar. as soon as possible
    18. Sparkbeat
      I can do tomorrow from about 5-9 gmt -6.
    19. Sparkbeat
      Hey what times are good for you? I can do today now and for about 3 more hours. I'll be busy Friday and Saturday, and I'll have a little time on Sunday late afternoon GMT -6. The I can do late afternoon for pretty much the rest of that week. This is for Masterclass btw
    20. ptz
      hey you can find me on mvp channel on po
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    wherever there's food
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