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    Sorry for any inconvenience with this and sorry for any lost posts.
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  • Do you even read these messages? Also, it's generally not suggested to use offtype super effective moves while going first, as you have limited energy for moves that are not of your Pokémon's own type. Your opponent is more likely to use stuff like reflect/protect to block them, resulting in a waste of offtype energy on your side.
    For future reference: Bringing two uplevels into a match is always a bad idea. The disobedience chance makes it not worth it.
    Since you're new, I have some links for you to be able to figure things out. :)
    This Is what you should read to know how to conduct a battle, including how posts work, etc.
    This Is how a glossary on Status effects and other very important things like STAB, Offtype, and exhaustion(seriously read those!).
    This is pretty much a whole database on every move and how it translates in ASB. All moves have different ways they translate in ASB than in the games.
    This is pretty much what you use to check to see what moves your pokemon can use. Bulbapedia kinda sucks, due to loud advertisements. Thought I'd give you this one to let you know!
    Anyways, have fun battling, and I hope this clears up any confusion you're having about ASB.
    You're supposed to post your squad of six pokemon. The term 'squad' actually has two meanings in the PASBL. 1: All the Pokémon you posses. This amount can be anywhere from 13 to above 50 depending on how long you've been playing the game.
    2: Your squad of six Pokemon that you have selected from your larger squad for a specific battle. Even if it's a 4-on-4, you still post six pokemon. Each time one of your pokemon faints, you send out another pokemon from your smaller squad of six. In a 4-on-4, once the fourth pokemon you sent out (Or the fourth pokemon your opponent has sent out) is KOed, the match is over.
    The DQ means if I post a move and you don't after 24 hours i can call for a DQ. Most people wait a few days before actually asking for it.
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