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Billy Mays
Last Activity:
Nov 14, 2014
May 29, 2011
Likes Received:

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Billy Mays

Ace Advertiser, from Tealand

Billy Mays was last seen:
Nov 14, 2014
    1. SenorLaughsaLot
      Yeah. :P One of my favorite techniques, so I might as well pick it. XD
    2. SenorLaughsaLot
      I've been working on something else... I barely had time to anyway, I'm lucky I got my own thing done.

      I was thinking of having a girl from the Nara clan. I wanted to be a Senju or Hyuuga at first. XD
    3. SenorLaughsaLot
      Erm... some...
      I'm going to work on it soon. I should have it done either today, or tomorrow.
    4. EonDragonFTW
      Well,I don't use weather teams there often, only when I feel like it. I like to swit ch between teams and playstyles to switch it up a but and to challenge myself. That way I get a lot better and used to different Pokemon.
      I was just In a rain mood today.
    5. EonDragonFTW
      Ok if you want me to use a different team on our rematch then we'd have to do it another day because I have to eat dinner now.
    6. EonDragonFTW
      Strange normally it doesn't do this....
      It is probably the weather, or something is interfering with our modem and wifi. We'll have to do it another day
    7. EonDragonFTW
      Yeah it is. Heading in now
    8. EonDragonFTW
      Yeah. what it's your FC?
    9. Delta Hunter
      Delta Hunter
      Hey Billy Mays, I just want to say I'm sorry for vanishing during your RP. I had some ups and downs in life, and I forgot about Serebii. Sorry.
    10. Zone
      are you on now?
    11. EonDragonFTW
      Yeah I just saw your message. We can battle now what is your FC?
    12. Buuz
      Hi man, Buuz is the name. I'm a member of the same clan as your clan.
    13. the3rdH0kage
      Whats up Billy.
    14. Flash Sport
      Flash Sport
      Yeah...sorry about the length. I should really try to tone it done eh? ^_^ The forum where I use to role play, the better role plays often required 1000+ words per post so typing long posts has sorta become a habit.

      As for letting the Scizor release Monifa, I'm definitely fine with that. I was kinda hoping you'd have that happen. I don't mind minor character bunnying as long as it's sensible. She's not planning to give up the jewel so hopefully, she'll be able to hang on to that jewel for awhile longer (unless Mickmon says otherwise). Keeping the jewel could be the reason for the characters getting attacked more often, allow for more action to happen, and maybe have them run into bad guys on occasion, but that would be the GM's decision of course. ^_^
    15. HKim
      I'll invite you via Skype. You need to accept me as a contact.

      I sent you a request.
    16. HKim
      Don't worry, we don't actually use voice chat. Not everyone has a microphone and there is too many people for Skype to handle that anyway.

      We'll be talking as if it were a regular chat room. I'll add you.
    17. HKim
      Hmmm, well this is a challenge.

      Would it be possible for you to get Skype?
    18. HKim
      I'm not sure if you received the message. The meeting is today at 8:00 Eastern Time.

      Send me your Skype name if you're interested in attending.
    19. D Dog Master Of War
      D Dog Master Of War
      Hello...Billy,I'm D Dog A.k.a. Davarian
    20. SenorLaughsaLot
      Yeah, and he's actually pretty cool. I used to dislike him though. XD He doesn't have the ability to use "magic ninja powers" so he focused all his training in hand to hand combat. Here's one of my favorite moments from him. Don't mind the music. It's hard not to find AMVs. ._.
      (Sorry if I'm being annoying with this.)
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