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Recent content by BillyBobJoe

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    Community POTW #075

    Coverage Moves: Heat Crash- Grass, Steel Bulldoze, Stomping Tantrum, Earthquake, Superpower, Body Press- Steel
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    Community POTW #074

    Good Coverage Moves: Any Electric move- Water (Heat) Stored Power- Fighting (Frost) & Poison (Mow) Hex, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse- Ghost (Normal) Mud-slap- Fire (Frost & Mow) & Ground (Frost & Fan)
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    Community POTW #073

    You have 3 stats with 252 EVs. I assume HP is meant to have 4
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    Community POTW #072

    I don’t think Crunch is the best choice here. Zacian doesn’t need Dark coverage, especially as a Fairy type. Its only advantage is hitting Ghost types for neutral damage. I think Ice Fang for Ground seems like a better option.
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    Community POTW #072

    Is Zacian really on par with Mega Rayquaza? Smogon lists its Crowned Sword form in the AG tier, which was the Mega Rayquaza tier. Good Coverage Moves: Dig- Fire (Poison, Steel) Ice Fang- Ground Psycho Cut, Psychic Fangs- Poison Sacred Sword, Close Combat, Brick Break, Fire Fang- Steel
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    Community POTW #071

    Good Coverage Moves: Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, Stone Edge- Fire, Flying Bulldoze, Earthquake, High Horsepower- Fire Ice/Thunder Punch- Flying Iron Head, Poison Jab, Gyro Ball(?)- Fairy Payback, Darkest Lariat- Ghost For Bug STAB, use Lunge or Leech Life. The latter is better for a more bulky set...
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    Community POTW #070

    Why did it lose Extreme Speed? Good Coverage Moves: Iron Tail- Ice, Fairy Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Brick Break, Superpower- Ice Focus Blast and Sludge Wave as special options.
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    Community POTW #069

    The worse of the two apple dragons. Appletun’s biggest problem is a complete lack of coverage on the special side. Its G-Max form is also only good in doubles
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    Community POTW #067

    For the Galarian Form, Steel Wing is also an option for the last move. It does the same job as Blaze Kick, and also covers Fairy as well.
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    Community POTW #067

    Good Coverage Moves: Kantonian Form- Ancient Power, Heat Wave- Ice Weather Ball (Rain)- Rock (+ Ground) Steel Wing (physical)- Ice and Rock Galarian Form- Stomping Tantrum- Electric Steel Wing- Ice, Fairy U-Turn, Throat Chop- Psychic (too fast for Payback/Assurance) Blaze Kick- Ice Blaze...
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    Community POTW #066

    Is it a good idea to run both Psystrike and Psychic (or some other psychic attack)? That way, you have a STAB attack that targets physical and special defense. Just curious
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    Community POTW #064

    Honestly, I use a similar set on the Obstagoon I used on my main team (after switching its ability), though using Night Slash instead (since I caught it rather than breeding one). Arguably Obstagoon’s biggest weakness is a complete inability to counter Fighting types, which is a quad weakness...
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    Community POTW #063

    Ah yes, the bane of X/Y. While Stealth Rocks have hindered a lot of Pokémon, the change to Gale Wings in ORAS really hurt Talonflame’s viability. You either need to have a method of dealing with the rocks beforehand, or run Roost to bring its health back up. (Since you will not be at full...
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    Community POTW #061

    This is a weird one. Based on its unique move and one of its abilities, Comfey seems geared to be a Grass-type/Grassy Terrain supporter. You could focus solely on one or combine the two, given that its best partners are Rillaboom and Tapu Bulu (since both have Grassy Surge). I would also say...
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    Community POTW #060

    So Azumarill is kind of weird. With higher Special Attack, it appears to be a special attacker, or potentially a mixed attacker given how close the two are (kind of like Blaziken). However, Huge Power firmly places it as a physical attacker, which is also bolstered by Sap Sipper (one of the few...