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Last Activity:
Aug 5, 2014
Nov 29, 2007
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T.G Eterna Bldg

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Quiver Dance=Success, from T.G Eterna Bldg

bippacooleth was last seen:
Aug 5, 2014
    1. Poke_Cannon
      Quiver Dance = Success
    2. Poke_Cannon
    3. Vendidurt
      not really looking for anything. you could give me a level 3 patrat for all i care. its just a waste letting it go after all those steps. im not done with it yet but ill let the whole forum know when i get the shiny!
    4. Poke_Cannon
      quit being a little b1tch. assuming sh1t isn't a good quality either. good day.
    5. Aegon
      Thanks! :)
    6. ~Light
      Thx a lot :D
      One of my favorite shinies ^^
    7. ~Light
      Ow lol xD
    8. ~Light
      Entering your friend code and then I'm going in :)
    9. ~Light
      I'm online now :)
    10. ~Light
      I'm GMT+1 so it shouldn't be a problem :p

      I can be online at about 8PM GMT+1 :), so that's probably 7PM for you
    11. ~Light
      Yes, it's fine for me :)
    12. ~Light
      Oh, I also have an Adamant Shiny Druddigon up for trade :)
    13. ~Light
      Shiny Golduck is UT, caught at Village Bridge at level 47 & Calm Nature
      Shiny Milotic is from VGC09, level 50 UT, Timid Nature
      Shiny Tornadus is level 42, so not UT, & Docile Nature
    14. ~Light
      Anything you want ? :) I have some shinies up for offer :) ( Shiny Golduck, Shiny Milotic & Shiny Tornadus :)
    15. GTS_shiny_searcher
      I want the venipede I have a couple of pokes that you might like off the bat I have a hasty shiny beldum if youre interested my friend code is 1807 2474 0031 btw :)
    16. ~Light
      I'm interested in your shiny Venipede :P, don't care about natures :)
    17. Drippy Miltank
      Drippy Miltank
      I have to go eat, Ill be on later.
    18. Drippy Miltank
      Drippy Miltank
      Got any eggs you want to donate to my egg scramble challange?
    19. bdbboy9
      Are we gonna trade or what
    20. Typhlosionvsworld
      anyways it doesnt matter what level the pokemon is cuz i have:
      a level 100 typhlosion,
      a level 100 mewtwo,
      a level 100 giritina,
      a level 100 cresselia
      a level 100 rayquaza,
      and a level 100 lugia in my SS game
      but enough about ur kyogre i guess its pretty cool cuz its shiny...
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    T.G Eterna Bldg
    Favourite Pokémon:


    gen VI announced next day

    Black 2 FC - 0949 0144 8935

    X FC - 0216-1327-7975

    I have Octillery, Floatzel and Azumarill in my friend safari