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  • Oh no! I am glad to hear that you most likely saved before your DS actually died. Do you have another DS or are you going to get a new battery or DS?
    Hiya. Would u like to trade entei raikou and suicine. Pm me if u want to trade them. I have so.eth

    Hi. R ur entries raikou and suicine still up for trade? Pm me if u would like to trade. I may hav something for u
    Hey hows it going, have you traded genesect yet? if not i would liek to offer a few things for "them" possibly shinies or legendaries please pm me back.
    I like the serebii one just fine, but psypokes is probably more user friendly for what you want. go to their site -> picdex -> choose your pokemon you want to breed -> click "full breeding chain" on the left of your screen -> select move you want to get.
    Sorry for bothering you, but I saw you posted in the Genesect thread, and I was wondering if you're willing to do a tradeback-trade? Y'know, where you trade two pokemons then trade them back again. It's one of the few Pokemon's I'm missing the Dex Info on, but I really doubt that I have anything of equal value to give you, so if you trust strangers enough to do a "Tradeback" with a Pokemon like Genesect, that would be highly appreciated! Though of course I completely understand if you decline :D Heck, I'd probably decline myself XD
    Or I could trade a female one so you can breed it if you prefer. The Solosis I mentioned is absolutely perfect for a Calm Mind set though, see my latest RMT for a strategy for it.
    Yo, I'll trade a baby Bold Male Magic Guard Solosis for something with pokerus, a female Gothita would be nice but not necessary (I have White, so I can't get one and it'd be nice to have a Frisk-Thief.)
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