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  • I have a shiny adamant intimidate female bred in kalos 6ivs Mawile ! Lvl 50 with sucker punch iron head play rough and swords dance already ev trained (252 atk 252 hp 6 def or sp def i dont remember but i can reset them if you want ) are interested in a trade ?

    Imbox full btw xD
    Hey your inbox is full
    and i would like to trade your shiny squirtle for my shiny carbink

    here are the details on it
    shiny carbink
    Kalos bred with memories
    in a pokeball

    i hope to hear from you soon
    Hey man, regarding your post on the shiny thread, I can offer you quilava, bayleef, porygon2, marshtomp and grovyle for that latios your mentioned?
    What would you suggest for a Smroomish's nature? You offered something else from the list, and that was something that got my attention.
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