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Recent content by Black Hawk

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    Charizard VS Moltres

    it is obviously moltres, due to the fact that it is LEGENDARY. what the hell was the point of this this thread. anyone with half a brain or at least some competitive pokemon knowledge would know the answer is moltres.
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    Troy's Competitive Team

    outrage and fire punch on dragonite means you are neutral or super effective against every type combo and singular type in the game. think before u post.
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    Team help, Please!

    surf on t-tar isnt as bad as some ppl are making it out to be. t-tar has 90 Satk and surf wouldn't be expected when people switch to thier physical walls.
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    What do you think of these guys please?

    you want leaf blade as gallades last move and you should go with fire blast instead of fire fang on garchomp.
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    rate my team plz!

    skarmory@leftovers impish keen eye 252def 252hp 6atk spikes roost roar/whirlwind drill peck you rate my team, ill rate yours :)
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    Stupidest Pokemon Thread

    honchcrow honestly, what is the point in the 10 character limit?
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    First attempt at D/P team. Please RMT

    mettagross@life orb adamant clear body 252atk 252spd 6hp meteor mash ice punch eq agility
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    Rate This Team!

    we need: full movesets evs natures traits how the hell are you meant to rate a team using a few pictures and the odd one or two random moves. *sigh* noob.
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    Way to stop people from using 'Ubers' on WiFi

    your an idiot. people will never stop cloning, using ubers or hacking, so stop coming up with the most ridiculous "solutions" to attempt and solve that.
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    If you were a Pokemon?

    machamp ftw!
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    my team (open for rating)

    been like an hour an still no replies, thats annoying.
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    my team (open for rating)

    this is my new competetive online team. please do not suggest getting rid of any of my pokemon, because thats not going to happen. anyway rmt. gyarados@??? adamant intimidate 252spd 252atk 6Sdef -dd -waterfall -eq -ice fang? standard gyarados. also my favorite lead. unsure whether...
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    why didnt u check it up urself on serebii.net's pokedex?
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    If you could be any pokemon what would you be?

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    Your Mama's so dumb she sat on the TV and watched the Couch! (RMT)

    make zam timid, rather than modest