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  • Ah! So you did get to New York!? What has your experience been like so far? Did/are you living on your campus, in dorms, or what? Did you come alone?

    Ah, well, the games have all been really fun, but they're just a pasttime. =P
    I read you skipped the exam last year due to being busy moving to college, yes? How was it?

    I saw, yup. Should I post in the thread, or are those of us already listed in the first slots signed up?

    Naturally. Unova looked too good to pass up. Did you get the game(s)?
    The Philippines. Yeah, we have a weird school year. Gonna start it when everyone else is on break, and we're on break while everyone's cramming for their finals. XD
    well, i have to go now....i have epileptic attack ( was born with it ) so i cant stay much long on pc =( so fare well my friend. cya tomorrow. ( i hope ) XD and i'm trying on pokemon online to fight with a team XD smeargle and magicarp
    ok i will. sorry for the noobage =( im a bit new here. started at 2 days ago. btw i hope to be well on this version of sppf's annual exam. and nice to meet you
    Wow, you're back again with another exam! I never know when you'll show up, BM.

    Sure, I guess I'll take part again. Thanks. ^_^

    I'll take a look into it, deal? 83 But come on, you've had to do something else than Pokémon Exam stuff during this YEAR or something. What about the ice cream lab? TALK TO ME I'M NOISY.
    ohrly? :]
    Glad you're now accepting more than 60 people; time zones may have lead to me missing out, which would suck :p I'm going to guess it will be a lot different to past exams seeing as there are oh so many newbies here now :/
    haha sure i will/yes you can pm me. i'm not done with my freshman year.. i still have one more week of classes + finals. i only popped on for a little bit cuz im working on a huge project :(
    Oh wowwwww, you're back! I highly doubt you remember me, but I remember you

    Looking forward to the next PokeExam thingy :]
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