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  • Probably too early in the game to have the money to buy 10 each of Protein and Carbos, eh? Well, I like your style. =D
    Glad to oblige, BM. Enjoy the Gible. ^_^

    And haha, the first time I ever played a Pokemon game, I named the guy Ash too. =P
    umm i dont have wifi right now so i can't give it to you anyway, sorryyyyyy. plus my ds is packed away in my garage until i move again in a few days
    Wow, I never knew that about cancerous cells. And hah, I was going to say I didn't know whether you were using an animal model of leukemia, but then it strikes me that we probably have the genomes of our most commonly used animal models all mapped out too, lol. That really does sound like a thrill, BM. And it would indeed be all-caps awesome if you got to attend a meeting with the American Association of Cancer Research! I'm so happy for you, it sounds like such a terrific experience and interesting knowledge to work with. ^_^

    Alrighty, anyway, I've got your Gible egg all set to go! And please don't bother with the shiny Camerupt: it's not a fair trade for an unspecialized egg. Hang on to it now you've got wi-fi and try to get something really worth it. =)

    My Platinum FC is: 2966 2717 2829. I'm ready when you are.
    I could do that, I think, yes. 4th gen, right? I'll start the breeding this evening. =)

    When you say "to differentiate," what do you mean? I've only heard differentiate used in terms of a pluripotent/totipotent cell becoming a defined cell type (e.g. blood, bone, skin, neuron, etc.); that's not it, is it? How specifically does your team have the cells' genetic material identified - have they had the whole genome mapped out? Or do you guys just know which promoters turn which genes on/off to make the cancerous changes? *w*

    That education project lasted a little over a month and just finished for the most part. I have until September to design the presentation of my work for a symposium the school hosts. In the meantime, I'm getting paid to code surveys for the psych department, and my hours are whatever and whenever I want them to be. It should be a week or two's work, depending.
    Aaaaaaaggghhhhhh that sounds so awesome, BM! Man, I wish I could be there with you. The kind of research I've been doing is all reading journals and synthesizing different pedagogies and literacy skills. It's just so boring, especially compared to actually doing biology. Tell me, what exactly do you do with the cells? I imagine there's some chemical or lab equipment that dyes/disables the cells' genetic structures of interest? I haven't been able to take many bio courses at my current school. ;_;

    Of course it will be an honor. What were you looking to train? I can see if I have the right stuff to breed it for you. =)
    Brilliant enough to stump me. Is this exclusive to this forum or is this annual thing on other forums as well?
    Oh, yes, I'll go as far as I can with this one. If I can get my dusty brain into gear, maybe I'll even manage to end on a high score, hehe. And not at all, don't worry. Guess I'm just getting old. =P

    Over-preparation in Pokemon is my m.o. too! Training your Pokemon is pretty much the whole game, so when you have the freedom to train them up before big battles, why not, right? Those Pokemon rely on you to strategize and keep them safe in battle, after all. And sorry to hear Platinum seems to be annoying for you; I know it's more challenging and longer-lasting than the other games, but that's actually one of the reasons it holds such high honors in my opinion. Just wait, just wait until you get to the good parts! Oh!

    May I ask what kind of labwork you've been doing? We can trade Pokemon and research stories at the same time. ^_^
    Oh dear. I think this is the last time I'll participate in the Pokemon exam, BM. Seems I just don't have the heart for it.

    How's it coming along with your two new games? Have you gotten into Platinum yet? =3
    Just finished. Was on the last sentence of the last question before time ran out. So close to finishing, haha.
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