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  • Eh, must be someone else with a similar course I guess. XD

    Yep, all seems fair and all since I didn't move on because of the extra points or anything. At least the one who [relatively] worked harder got the slot. =D

    Well, I can't wait for the 2012 exam, then. 8D
    Why do I have this feeling that I've asked you that question before? XD

    Well, of course I wanted to, but the competition was really tough this year. It was a little bit frustrating seeing as the margin between the fifth placer and myself was very small, but eh, I don't wanna be a sore loser. XD

    Haha! I also sometimes look at my old posts and think to myself "wtf is this crap". But at least you've learned from whatever you've done in the past and made a really awesome [yearly?] tradition. 8D
    I'm taking a writing course. Enjoying it so far, so I don't see myself shifting out of it anytime soon. :D You?

    Eh, it was fun while it lasted anyway! Your exams are becoming difficult, though. Haha.
    Isn't that the truth. =/

    Ah, yeah, Black and White on emulators seem to run really slowly. It sort of dims the experience, especially the Team Plasma music, which sounds considerably different at a slower speed.

    Hrm. The only places I know of that sell used DSes and such is Gamestop, off the top of my head. I think you get them for under $100, certainly now that the 3DS is out, but I sure wouldn't recommend them based on quality. Gamestop'll sell you garbage and charge you for the garbage bag. >_>;
    Yep. That's the guy, the one and only. He's a world away from good old sarcastic phantom, his username back when I first met him. Going on four years now, gosh. =X
    I guess it's too late t take part now... Eh heh... WELL NEXT YEAR I'LL PARTICIPATE AND WIN COOKIES. So watch out.
    Wah, sorry, been busy for a little while. Alright, finished it. Kinda rushed it... gah, that was harder than the prelims.
    You're not the only one.

    [Though I'm supposed to be worrying right now since school starts tomorrow, I'm still as bored as I was these past few weeks. >_<]
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