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  • Those battles were fun. I'll battle you again after I make some more teams. Hopefully, I'll get to the soon.
    I'll do OU, but I'd also like todo UU. I'm testing my UU team. We'll do singles OU first, then UU. I'll be in the smogon server.
    Sorry, my WiFi spazzed out that day. But no I haven't made any posts except to announce a Tourney for the last 3 war team places. (you're already on it :)
    BM wanna battle UU in Smogon server. If you do, I am in there right now under the name of ai7is. You should see me on the top.
    I'm not entirely sure where you get your math from..

    Boosting items in Pokemon boost the final stat. Tyranitar has 403 attack at lvl 100. With a Choice Band it becomes 604. If TTar's BASE Attack was multiplied it would end up with 629 Attack, which is wrong. Same with Choice Scarf and Evolite. It just 1.5x the stats which is simple math to find the resulting base stat (even though base stats never change)

    stat modification goes roughly in this order. Base stats --> IVs/EVs/level --> Items/boosts/abilities
    I'm not sure. I tested it on PO and it confirms 1.5 + X gets the base stats. I could be wrong of course but everything I've heard so far (and seen) shows its 1.5 + 9-25.
    Uh oh, I have some bad news :(

    Evolite does not alter base stats, it gives a 1.5 boost to actual stats. This is not the same as a 1.5 boost to base stats unfortunately.

    Roughly speaking you can figure out the base stats of an evolite Poke by using this formula..

    B * 1.5 + X

    B = The Pokemon's base stats
    X = 9 if the Pokemon has not invested EVs nor a nature into that stat, and 25 with max EVs and a boosting nature.
    I would post it on the forums here so it can be looked over. If you want it to be a secret or if you're worried about people stealing it you can PM it to me!

    I'm not sure if it will go on the main site but I can talk to the people who deal with those things and if they accept I can put it up! You will be given full credit of course.
    It was like mine. Just write a sentence or two about yourself. Oh, and tell me your available times. And we have two Apprentices now, so I'll tutor one and you can tutor the other.
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