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  • Yay! XD I'd use either Carly (Assassin), Julia (Archer), Felicja (Rogue/Ninja, shapeshifter) or the Lovina-Felice duo (Felice is an Archer or a Pegasus Knight, Lovina is a Dark Knight or a Wyvern Rider)! XD
    Yeah, hehe! Cordelia, with her makeup wiped off, doesn't look too suspicious, save for her wearing pants instead of a dress. XD She can definitely use her face and her way with words to get away with things, as she's learned to do…she definitely is resourceful, streetwise and clever. XD Besides, Colt probably mastered the art of hiding unnoticed and playing dead anyway, as he's been on the lam. XD

    I just hope she doesn't resurface somehow…if she does, I'll take care of things in-character, hehe! XD
    Hehe, we should plan for Colt and Cordelia here! XD Now that the vamps will be dead, it's salvaging time before setting fire to the saloon! Also, chopping off some of Cordelia's hair for a more versatile, less bothersome length (below the shoulders to mid-back-ish). XD If Colt is wanted, he'd have to hide inside the coach first (it has thick, dark curtains because of Wyatt and Alexander's vampirism) while Cordelia drives until they're far enough from the area and won't get caught. XD

    Good to know you're mostly safe! XD We can have another go at that online-style RP you did…this time without her. XD Persona is also fun, as is Pokemon! XD
    Hehe, can't wait to resume our Dark Frontiers, as well as Sin (GH has been around recently, so I guess it's safe). XD Did your stalker catch you once more? XD
    Hehe, I'm part of the only currently active RP now. >.< It has an advantage due to its small player number (6, the magic number). XD Damn, I miss you, hehe! XD

    We should continue RPing again on the other side once the site is back up. Apparently a code is being rewritten? XD
    They're the only truly "gendered" cards, so yeah. XD Only one of them will be genderbent...through vote. XD Unless you'd like to include Fool, Magician and all. XD Well, nobody is particularly...you know...and extremely gluttonous. XD If there was a Hot Pie, it has to be as a "painful" option, and I think that it would be the most painful for Selena, Andre or Jayden. XD Who would you choose for Cisrian, Evie and Dante? XD Remember...genders need not match and we can easily put Cisrian in a woman's outfit and Evie in guy clothes. XD There could be one "sane" set...and one "painful" set. XD

    I think it should be Dragon...it already learns Dragon moves, and it doesn't learn Fairy ones...unless they overhaul its movepool like they did with Blastoise. Plus, its Egg group is Dragon as well. XD I wouldn't want it to reinforce the "Fairy" stereotype, when it could instead join the club of Altaria, Flygon, Kingdra and Dragalge as "elegant dragons". XD The one I particularly want to be part Fairy is Mismagius, either a retype or if it gets a Mega...Ghost/Fairy is a very cool type. 3 immunities and only 2 weaknesses (neither are double). Plus, it's a Banshee! XD I would like a Ghost/Fairy or Dark/Fairy based on Dullahan too. XD At least I got the Sceptile I wanted. XD
    Wolverine gets so much publicity already, :/ They all were underused. Storm basically summoned some lightning, then died...

    Yeah, I stayed for the end credits. people chanting, Apocalypse, four horsemen.

    And Quicksilver is going to be in the next Avengers movie apparently...
    Ground being immune to Electric didn't stop me from liking Pikachu. :p

    Treeko probably. I chose that when I got the original Sapphire.
    Yeah but it's still so annoying that Dragon moves don't do anything at all.
    They've had it too good for too long. :p
    I think the most painful one would be High Priestess Dante. The least painful and most natural-looking...Empress Andre, perhaps. He already crossdresses, so it isn't particularly humiliating. Emperor Evie wouldn't be particularly embarrassing either save for the crown part. XD I'll be doing a Game of Thrones parody too...don't worry, I won't make Dante that Theon Greyjoy guy, that's just cruel! XD Of course girls can be guy characters and guys can be girl characters. I have Mira as Daenerys Targaryen, Selena as Margaery Tyrell and Jayden as Jaime Lannister. Who'd make a better Cersei Lannister...Andre or Evie? Evie matches in terms of eyes and hair, but not motif-wise (lions, fire and elegance). I'd need someone who wears a lot of black for Evie...perhaps someone who isn't too smart and musn't have a flowery theme (no Loras Tyrell, hehe)....maybe The Hound? XD Would be funny if Cisrian becomes Joffrey...or Viserys. XD

    Hehe...trust me, not all Fairy-types can beat Dragons anyway. They're not all too fast, and are pretty frail in general on the physical side, and most Dragons are pretty physical. XD Hell, I don't like that Dark is weak to it! I wouldn't mind if Fairy wasn't stereotypically cute and contained more tricksters and malevolent-looking stuff, but everything is so...pink! >.< I just hope Mega Milotic (if it happens) would be part Dragon rather than Fairy...XD
    By the way, cast your vote on the Tarot thing...which gendered Tarot card will be genderswapped in terms of my Gaia representation, and who'll be the victim. XD Something like...Hierophant Selena, Empress Andre, Hierophant Mira, High Priestess Cisrian, Emperor Evie, Empress Dante, Empress Jayden...the likes. XD You can pick the least "painful" option...or the most painful and embarrassing one! XD

    Unless of course it gets cool new priority moves and a Speed boost! Yup, Jolteon would actually fit the Dragon-type the most out of the Eeveelutions. It already has a nice stat spread for something Specially-oriented...now all it needs are nice Dragon moves. XD
    Hehe, now expect the card to be drawn! XD I'm also ready to post in Sin in case you update, hehe. XD

    Flareon can also be part Ground or Rock...very good offensive types...and kinda makes me think of magma. XD

    Did you see the bakery? XD Told you things like that existed! XD
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