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  • I posted! Cordelia is...very stubborn towards her superiors...think a bit like Jewel from Rio. XD She would probably be very enthusiastic to be outside and on the move, hehe! XD

    Yup. Search "Human Body Bakery" or something! The baker is very talented...I sure as hell couldn't do that! XD Hell, if Mega Hypno looks less creepy...I'd be very surprised! XD Mega Alakazam looks too...sage-y for me! XD Now Spritzee/Aromatisse wouldn't be the only Nigel Thornberry Pokemon around. XD They aren't available...yet, that is! XD

    Entei is a lion mixed with a mastiff, if I'm not mistaken? Raikou is definitely a sabertooth, hehe. XD Well, Umbreon would be cool with Dark/Poison and Glaceon with Ice/Ghost. XD
    Yup, I'm excited, hehe! XD

    Well, unless you're the owner of that one Thai bakery that sells bread that looks like realistic body parts (I'm serious). XD C'mon, Mega Latios looks like a ****ing jet! It's supposed to be very fast, damn it! Hehe...Hypno is already a pedo as it is...how much worse could it get? I hope its fur collar doesn't get any thicker to the point of it looking like a beard...though it would be hilarious to see it look like a pedo Santa Claus. Give it a mustache and extend its nose, and we have another Nigel Thornberry on our hands. XD Of course, Arcanine is one of the best Kanto 'mon, hehe...why do so many of my characters (at least the blonde ones) look like human Arcanines anyway? Except Felice...he never originated as an Arcanine...he's a Garchomp. XD Shiny Hoopa might make you think of...Temple Run, hehe. XD

    Of course I want to see those three...especially Suicune. XD I want it to be more wolf-like, hehe. XD Also...Mega Eeveelutions with added secondary types...among the types not used, and no repeating. XD
    Sure, hehe! Writing up my post! XD

    Even then, it's perfectly acceptable to have "off" proportions because...it's a cupcake, and one doesn't expect to make cupcakes with realistic human faces. XD Well, I'm terrible at stir-fry...usually unlucky while doing it, hehe. I didn't like that they gave Mega Latios no Speed increase. Damn, at least switch its Attack and Speed stats! XD Remove some defensive stats and add that to what it really needs! XD I also hope Mega Sceptile is really, really fast...like at least 150 Speed. XD

    From Kanto, I would absolutely laugh if I saw a Mega Hypno that looks like a real creepy stalker. It already looks like one...how much worse could it get? XD A Mega Lapras could either be badass or cute. Also, of course I couldn't exclude my favorite Kanto 'mon...I would really love a Mega Arcanine. XD For Johto...Kingdra, definitely Kingdra. XD Hell, Volcanion and Hoopa are both much better. Yup, Hoopa...I find it cool that it's so mischievous and has horns....I find its Shiny color funny. I love Volcanion's design...especially the ring...and how it can open up! XD
    I think it's great! Now I better post as well, hehe! XD Well, most of us got out of the tubes already, and probably confronted the scientists, so we can start from where we last left off. XD

    It's so much easier to draw cupcake designs because they don't exactly have human features in the first place. Yes, I bake and I can cook to some degree...but I cannot pull off stir-fry for my life! I keep burning stuff that way! Hehe, yup, you were right about it...and I'm definitely picking it! Sceptile holds a special place in my heart after all. XD Mega Flygon has to be different from Mega Garchomp...I hope it would be very fast...at least 130 Speed, though ideally 150. XD I'm also down for Megas outside Hoenn...Weavile comes to mind, as well as Zoroark, Honchkrow, Bisharp, Hydreigon, Chandelure and Mismagius. XD On the other hand...I ****ing hate Mega Diancie...it looks like a Mary Sue Pokemon, mixed with...a bride? >.<
    The one that you and Jean are doing the 1 x 1 RP on. :p

    There are a few open there. More than here. xD
    The RPG I originally made Cadence for? I remember it.

    I can't imagine how those two would work combined, but it should be fun. xD
    Great! XD I look forward to RPing with you again! XD

    When I found out that the faces I draw are distorted...and I draw pretty nice cupcake designs! I mean...I can put skulls, crosses, ribbons, stars, roses and the like on them at least! XD And yup, I at least have Mega Sceptile to look forward to! I hope for a Mega Salamence as well...Mega Flygon too! I want that thing to be fast as hell! XD
    She'll have to make do with whatever her owners have on hand, hehe. XD I think they should have some stuff, I mean...it's dangerous out in the middle of nowhere! XD I'd also love to continue Sin as well, hehe. XD

    True, and they always insist on the "timeless", which usually translates to boring! XD I actually draw rather bad...not like those professional sketches you associate with fashion designing. I draw in a rather unproportionate way (kinda big on the boobs with wide shoulders, odd faces which I sometimes substitute with cupcakes or skulls as heads...really) , only to get a basic idea where each "piece" should go, and how it's roughly supposed to look like. I just rely on the measurements I make, most of the time, and I even deviate from my drawings a lot, if I lay a fabric that doesn't look like my sketch and I find it nice, I just go ahead. C'mon, it's to be expected from someone as unsystematic and disorganized as me, hehe.
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