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  • Ehehehe...complete with arson! XD She will no longer have to wear that heavy gown or that headache-inducing hairstyle again...and she'll no longer hear another "Susanna Blue"! XD

    Not yet, I'll be starting in a few months. XD I do hope you're right...I do hear a lot of good things about design instructors in general though! The ones who have bad raps are usually the oldies. XD
    True, we definitely should get started now, hehe! Cordelia would start out in her room, disdainfully putting her makeup on while secretly hoping that there are no visitors for the night! XD

    I just hope that my instructors are the types who encourage creativity, freedom and would be alright with someone offbeat, rather than the ones who focus too much on classic/timeless styles mixed with mainstream and dislike dark subculture influence. XD
    I make a comment that I'd like to move along, and get some interaction going, and people jump on my ass. :/

    Yes we should. :)
    Yup! Definitely! XD I definitely am in for this! XD

    Cool...Cordelia would probably be called by one of the owners...not very nicely of course. More like hollering up to her. "Susanna Blue! Get down here, would ya?! I don't want to lose another payin' customer!". XD
    I'm on here, the other place, and Pokecommunity. And I'm not exactly sure if I'm staying in Pokecommunity. :/
    You're alive! XD I just graduated last Saturday, and I'm on my way to try design school at the end of August or the beginning of September. XD

    C'mon, let's start RPing again, hehe! XD
    Professors think it's a good idea to pile on all the projects and essays so close together. :/ Otherwise, I'm fine. You?
    You have to wait for the box in the middle to load first. Once you see 8-10 girls lined up in swimsuits, that's it. XD You take off their swimsuits and start customizing...yes, they'll all protest! X)

    Of course it would be! XD I also should start typing up something, starting with Cordelia putting on her makeup, and being called to meet Colt...start by pouring him a drink, and begin dancing, all while having a particularly rebellious expression on her face, as if she's somehow sick of the routine and dreading another painful night. XD

    And why am I picturing Henry Cavill as Colt? XD The image just popped into my head when I was thinking of a live-action version of him. My choice for Cordelia isn't even a redhead (but still kinda blue-eyed)...then again, redheads are so hard to find, so dark-haired was the next best bet. XD
    You're sure? :p

    We're still missing a certain brightly colored Phoenix. S/he's been gone for weeks now...
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