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Last Activity:
Oct 26, 2014
May 13, 2008
Likes Received:
September 20
Sydney, Australia

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Well-Known Member, from Sydney, Australia

black_webs was last seen:
Oct 26, 2014
    1. CutestPikachuEver
      Happy B-Day!

      -Ash the Pikachu
    2. Chelc
      no problem! =) Something had to be done, I know that thread was a mess, and it wasn't getting any better.
    3. ShinyPalkia
      Hi! Yup, it's been a long time. :P Thank you. ^_^

      Happy New Year to you too. =D I will have fun, and I hope you'll have fun too. :)
    4. Umbilical Noose
    5. Umbilical Noose
      Umbilical Noose
      Happy New Year buddy!!!!!!!
    6. ShinyPalkia
      Wow, that's great! =D I have never visited outside of Europe, btw. Though I have planned to move to America or Japan when I'm big.

      You should come to Finland. =P Here's one of the winterest winters in the world, I think. =3
    7. ShinyPalkia
      You're welcome! =D I hope you had a great birthday. ^_^ Speaking of it, what did you get?
    8. ShinyPalkia
      Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you black_webs, happy birthday to you! =D

      *Hugs and gives cookies*
    9. ShinyPalkia
      That's really sad. ;3; I had from the beginning of June to the start of Autumn. :(
    10. ShinyPalkia
      Hey! ^_^ I'm doing fine, thanks. (Though, the stupid school started today. -_-')

      How about you? I hope you still have some holiday days left.
    11. ShinyPalkia
      Hi! :) Nice avatar. =3 I don't remember seeing it before.
    12. ShinyPalkia
      Thanks! :) At first I was really bad drawer and I hated drawing, but then I just started to draw in home and then it came to my hobby.

      I have a summer vacation, which ends in the beginning of the Autumn, but I still have been somewhat busy with replying to VM:s and PM:s and e-mails plus doing other stuff. :P
    13. ShinyPalkia
      Hiya! :D

      Yeah. It's been a long time. (Like Saturn said in DP 60 - Journey to the Unown.) :P

      Fine. A few days ago I got great drawing tools and I have been drawing much lately.
      Here should be some of my drawings.

      How about you?
    14. ShinyPalkia
      Okay. ^_^ So, I was right.

      BTW, who is your favorite (selected/main) kid of the series?

      Mine is maybe Sora (because of the cute and nice Piyomon ^_^).
    15. ShinyPalkia
      Thanks for telling! ^_^

      Megaforms: A "holy" female fox warrior and a "fierce" motorcyclist dude. :P

      They would be a great couple.

      BTW, what happened in the end of the season 3?

      I have read something like: The Digimons return to their world, the head villain (can't remember name, I think it was an evil computer program or something) died and Rika turned to be nicer.
    16. ShinyPalkia
      In Finnish they have shown only the 1 and 2 season. :(

      But don't worry. I'm still somehow a Digimon expert. ;P

      I think my favorite is the first one, because it had the best villains/digidestined/Digimon pals etc.

      And the worst is the 4 (it was 4 if I remember right), because it's not Digimon at all. There's just some kids and stupid Digimons (they just re-colored some old Digimons and changed their name), stupid characters etc.

      Impmon is cute.<3 Guilmon's in-training form is also SO cute. ^_^

      And Beelzemon is cool (Digimon who drives an odd "Motorbike").

      BTW, did Renamon and Impmon "have feelings" towards each other?
      I have seen shipping pictures of them so I would like to know.
    17. ShinyPalkia

      Vandemon (Finnish name) is my favorite villain of the anime (Digimon).Too bad the animators did sometimes horrible work.
    18. ShinyPalkia
      Hi! ^_^

      You seem to have joined in to Digimon fans club. So come to my mind, do you like Myotismon (Vamdemon in Japanese/Vandemon in Finnish)?

      BTW, do you know Finnish? If you do, you can join to The Finnish club. ^_^
    19. ShinyPalkia
      Sorry,I didn't understand. ^_^' Do you mean you have wanted to come Finland or what?
    20. ShinyPalkia
      I'm from South-Finland, near Lahti. Why do you want to know? ^_^
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    September 20
    Sydney, Australia
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I'm Lazy. I'll add more about myself later.

    My Computer; Watching Movies; and Going deaf from listening to Music to Loudly