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Recent content by Blackace

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    That is Irrelevant.

    I couldn't have put it better Apple, Trick Room is mainly for Bronzong who always comes out at the end. Roar and Whirlwind allow me to scout for Pokemon which are slower than my sweepers so I can plan to take them out before revealing Bronzong. Also my sweepers are not exactly fast in OU, in...
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    That is Irrelevant.

    I beg you Serebii members to post ONLY if you know how to play competitive Pokemon. The amount of absolute junk I see being posted around these Forums are healthy enough to be used as manure. SO PLEASE, ONLY POST IF YOU KNOW HOW TO PLAY. :]
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    That is Irrelevant.

    Threat List Instead of writing out all the Pokemon in OU I will just write the Pokemon I have seen become a major threat against my team, I will also list play styles and how I deal with them. So here it is to conclude my Rate My Team guys! Thanks guys that is it, I...
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    That is Irrelevant.

    Hello Serebii, I seriously hate and dislike Serebii but I did meet a few people here who were friendly and knew how to play competitive Pokemon. So this is my second Rate My Team on Serebii and I decided this would be the perfect time to retire my team "Irrelevant" after Salamence got banned to...
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    Parafusion Gallade Sweep [OU RMT]

    Greetings. Your team is ridiculously Tyranitar weak, name one Tyranitar set and it will single handy tear your face apart. Lets be nice and look at the Choice Band Tyranitar set right? It can OHKO like your entire team with Sandstorm and Stealth Rock. Whilst Metagross can switch into a Crunch...
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    Sup whos this again? :]

    Sup whos this again? :]
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    OU Bulky Stall

    A beautiful team. Typical Rhys. Anyway I got a slight threat that I want to talk about whilst its rare I want to use it as a sort of bump to your RMT. Noted I WILL stretched the situation a little otherwise seriously there is really nothing anyone can do to fix it. Heatran@Life Orb...
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    Put some effort into your rates. Seriously your last rate was literally COPIED off Rhys. :]

    Put some effort into your rates. Seriously your last rate was literally COPIED off Rhys. :]
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    *~*Luminoso Puesto de Español*~* (An OU RMT)

    Wow embarrasing I still apparently don't know how to enter numbers into the Smogon Calculator for Machamp... Anyway Infernape is still a weakness. This is a stall team losing ONE member of the team means the entire core drops. Really you take out one Pokemon of this team and that means this...
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    *~*Luminoso Puesto de Español*~* (An OU RMT)

    Cal I disagree. Putting Stealth Rock over any move on Gliscor destroys its role as a physical check. Please Cal put MORE EFFORT INTO YOUR RATES NEXT TIME. Threats. "Elemental Champ or Choice Band Champ" "Specially Mix Ape" "Mix Mence" Fighting Machamp has never been easy or fun...
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    Yer presentation took a month or a little more. It would have taken a lot longer if I haven't...

    Yer presentation took a month or a little more. It would have taken a lot longer if I haven't scrapped my stupidly over the top Threat List. http://www.marriland.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=391748 Yes that was how long it would have taken. ... :]
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    Iron Power!! (OU RMT)

    No. Hidden Power is disgusting on a Choice Scarfed Latias and in my opinion in Latias in general. Draco Meteor Thunderbolt Surf Trick Stay with standard. ;107;
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    Breaking Point

    You just got the Bulky Waters from ...Awesome... ........I have added a Celebi over Salamence and trying it. It is doing good for now. >__________________> No it isn't Illegal. ;107;
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    Breaking Point

    I try Celebi for now. FF is legendary. FFX was my favourite until I read about FFXIII. But FFXIII Versus is going to be even better. ;107;
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    Breaking Point

    You are saying get rid of Salamence for Vaporeon? Nop sorry. This is an offensive team the sudden and weird vaporeon will screw everything up I would much much much rather put down a Starmie... I think I go with Celebi and thanks Awesome for contributing. ;107;