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Last Activity:
Sep 3, 2013
Mar 25, 2011
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Blackacer was last seen:
Sep 3, 2013
    1. Smugleaf-pwns-all
    2. Smugleaf-pwns-all
    3. Smugleaf-pwns-all
      hey how ya doin?
    4. ProfessorN
      Yo! Hows it gooin! :)
    5. Aeon™
      which is what im going to change *evil grin*
    6. Aeon™
      im like shaking, so i cant type. seriously, the one reason i can keep calm in this is that i know this is a game and that im playing ssbb with my friend
    7. Aeon™
      that is a bit extreme. at least take a vote, it'll make me feel better. everyone in both clans are my friends, so, imagine my situation, and what you would do. take into consideration that i don't hate chello
    8. Aeon™
      what!? why!/
    9. #chelloressurection
      I have ninja eevee to bro :)
    10. Aeon™
      then i'll come back. but he was my first friend on the forum, and i gotta help him. i'll still breed for RoS, and i will be back eventually. sorry
    11. Nightmare Fuel
      Nightmare Fuel
      Hiya. I kiiiinda wanna be one of those OFFICIAL artists, cuz I do loadsa stuff ow. Can you pehaps make me official AND get one of em fancy banners with my name on? I already got one, its from millarc.
    12. Smugleaf-pwns-all
      hey how are you and the clan doing?
    13. kyogreblue3
      that was kinda obvious xD
      although I kinda like Naruto, Bleach, and Death Note than Reborn :/
    14. White_Stoner30
      Hey acer I just found out I did get johto lead :D so is it cool if I order new UBs for that division?
    15. Nakashima
      Nope ^^ Am in college now, cant do both college and work ;) Education has priority mate =P And i wont be joining any clans, sorry ;)
    16. FairyWitch
      tbh it is its more active in the daytime, well in my timezone eastern its like dead now cuaz its like night to me...also yes i have been trying to get the badges so of the leaders don't respond though...the league been picking up slowly but steadly, oh btw PO Gym is all open and all have badges except for one...I have a tourny going on right now...thats getting my posts up and im getting more members by battles,recruits and etc...
    17. FairyWitch
      oh okay lol...yeah like i said im sure you will get them back...its great to have members give a push to keep the clan alive...I strive to keep my clan from dying after summer and it payed off thank god my clan getting more active...I didn't want to close teg ever...of course i never give up on anything unless is a life or death situation lol...
    18. FairyWitch
      wth why in the world did you close region of sins for a short sec and then open it again...sorry i just thought the close was pointless...im glad you guys are back though...i was looking at the thread...im sure those two will be back...I got most of my members back except for one...goodluck on getting DU and GreekTerror back :)
    19. Smugleaf-pwns-all
      sorry bro that i might not come back 4 a while
    20. D-BRAY
      kk, ill go do it now, any chnace you can get one the chat???
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