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  • Let me get this straight. You use an Uber which happens to be a legendary ?. Check the tournament rules, please.

    I have technically won this already, but we'll play through for fun.
    Great match! I kinda regret taking my key player off that old team to equal it out now XD. Anyways, consider yourself our ice gym leader. That sash seriously shocked me, GREAT choice. Your selection of choice items was good too.
    k the FC ill use is 2794-0960-5710, gonna use my old gym team from another league :p Remember, u dont have to win, just show me what you can do :)

    EDIT had tp update the FC use THAT one now
    yes alot, hes liek hahahahahahah im playing hahahahahahah im playing hahahahahahahahahahahahahah wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii im playing hahahahahahahah yeahim palying hahahahahahahahahohh im playing look at this hahahahahahahaha heheheheheheheh im playinghahahahah wiiiiiw
    ok, the only thing i say that having 6 random pokes EV trained in a team just wont work, they have to work together, and help each other in order to get to success.
    well thats not actually what competitive battling is for, competitive battling is using ur best team to battle the oponent with at least EV trained pokes, and recommended IV breeding, try to win always...
    im on, but cant fight atm, im unsure if u are aware, but depending on ur color scheme there is a diferent pokemon located bside ur name:
    standart color scheme(green):eek:nline=standart celebi, offline=shiny celebi.
    specific type trainer color scheme:evolved poke=on,unevolved poke=online, on others usually the stronger means ur on...

    oh lol, u watching my RMT?
    test battles are always OU, single level 100, with standart rules, any time is fine as long as were both on...
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