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  • Well first off, high school here is like college in that it's not compulsory, you have to test into it, and you have to pay for it. There's also various kinds, such as academic (where I am) that focuses on classes and learning; technical schools that focus on a specific skill set; agricultural schools, which have students learning how to work on a farm; and so on. The "more involved" teachers is probably referring to homeroom teachers. From the moment they enter, students are put into a specific class and then that class takes all their classes together. Their homeroom teacher is the one in charge of taking care of them as a whole, and also teaching them whatever subject they specialize in (homeroom teachers can be from any field). I often hear HR teachers have meetings with the parents (sometimes at school, sometimes visiting their home), and are a source of support and guidance for their homeroom.
    In all seriousness, if I had a harem and someone found out, I would be arrested, fired, deported, and banned from Japan. Very obvious reasons why I have an army instead. >>
    Sounds like quite the career! I, uh, don't have a harem of little Japanese girls actually, I have an ARMY BUILT OF THE JAPANESE YOUTH.
    (I actually teach High School so they ain't so little lol, and I have male and female students.)
    Actually I just finally got a 3DS a year or so ago so I came back to life lol. How you doin?!
    Uni is fun but mohawk just turned into buzz the other day. Mohawk will come back one day since I miss it but I just didn't want to buy more hairgel lmfao
    lmfao anything is easier than the bloody staff colours thank god this staff team doesn't have arguments about it
    Gen 6's yeah. They needed mods and I volunteered.

    It's a lot easier than the debate forum let me tell you.
    aww, well if i get sweets :D
    but that's right ;-; and i'd be green ;-; but I do like rex otherwise XD
    that sounds way more fun than any club :D although i'd be jessie, do you not remember about me and pigtails? >.> rex, pffft xD
    got me singin like na na na na everyday DEEDEEDEEDEEDUUDUUDUUDEEDUUDEEDUUDEEDUUDUUDUU D: now I have 2 songs in my head D: XD
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