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Blackjack Gabbiani
Last Activity:
Mar 20, 2019
Jan 10, 2005
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Jun 13, 1980 (Age: 39)
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Museum Volunteer

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Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!, 39

Blackjack Gabbiani was last seen:
Mar 20, 2019
    1. 1dbad
      I agree. There is a lot of Pokemon manga out there and a lot more of it need to be known. As well as I think a lot of fans would like quite a few of the mangas more than the anime, and I'm not just saying Special only either. :)
    2. 1dbad
      Really? Well I'm so glad to hear that! :) Thanks for the info. That sounds pretty good then; as well as it relieves a lot of stress since at least half of the release of Special here starting in Feb will most likely be done by that same team. (I'm assuming they'll do Platinum.) So I'm pretty glad to hear that. As well as I hear from all my friends they did volume 8 great; no edits, only two tiny errors, actually using nicknames again....so who knows? Maybe they are beginning to get better after all. They usually aren't bad with other mangas at all, I just always begin to worry when there is an edit or two and especially when they put it under their kids label xDDD;;
    3. 1dbad
      Me either. And exactly. I mean, if anything I'd think times would have changed a bit for the better, to where they could get by with more actual content/less edits, but whatever. I agree though, it's annoying for them to go backwards like this, when they were actually getting really good for a while there. Hopefully they won't edit anymore though or else I'll get even more annoyed with them.
    4. 1dbad
      I agree with you it was kind of bizarre for them to just randomly start editing the rereleases. XD It's even weirder since Viz never really does stuff like that in the first place.
    5. Praxiteles
      Yeah, I've got it open. I saw it yesterday but I wanted to read it when I was more coherent and could string words together.
    6. Mawile412
    7. Mawile412
      I'm me! :D i wanted to say hi
    8. Mawile412
    9. Super-Staff
      I was actually thinking last night that monthly's better as there's less manga to work with.

      What kind of content should it have? Obviously a summary and maybe an image of a cover or some such, but what else? :o There should be some unique content, perhaps, that wouldn't be found at, say, Bulbapedia. I'm not exactly sure myself.
    10. Katya Ivanova
      Katya Ivanova
      hello blacksack :B

      i see you were unwilling to disclose to me your exact mass... it is ok, i would rather be left in the dark about the enormous force that is damaging the planet's tectonic plates

      but could you like.. maybe not eat a hundred cheeseburgers a day, maybe then haiti wouldn't be destructioned "lol" you inconsiderate fat hoe

      also please do our eyes a favour and stop cosplaying as nonreal characters who are ten and normal-sized... i picture you more as goliath /snickr!!!

      also juputoru no one even knows who you are so you are pretty much irrelevant LOL.. sorry
    11. Super-Staff
      I was thinking. Maybe you could do a weekly spotlight on a certain Pokemon manga or something like that. Those tend to be pretty popular on LJ comms. I could help you, too, if you'd like with the mangas you haven't had access to. Also, it'll be a nice to have something for fans to reference, perhaps.
    12. Super-Staff
      Yeah! I'll think of something to post there. :D
    13. Super-Staff
      Well, I only have Golden Boys in Japanese and I can't read it. My take on it may not be accurate and I don't want the ire of the fandom directed at me. XD I could do some info on Ash & Pikachu and Pocket Monsters, though. Actually, I did update some stuff at Bulbapedia regarding those.

      Heh, I also wrote up a lot of Misty's manga related stuff that's non Special related, which was fun. I had gone a year without looking at Bulbapedia but I looked recently and it was neat to see how that section was still around, albeit updated somewhat. :")

      Alsoooo. I do remember joining your Pokemon manga comm at LJ a while back. It hasn't been active, but maybe I can help ya generate some interest there.
    14. Super-Staff
      That's pretty cool. I was curious about Snatcher Leo's manga adaptation.

      I've been wanting to scan my own Pokemon manga. I have a bunch in english, courtesy of Chuang Yi. I feel like if I did, maybe there'd be a slight chance people will be more aware of Pokemon manga other than the mainstream stuff. Alas, I have no scanner. ::Sigh::
    15. Super-Staff
      Ohhhh! I think I like the idea of Vicious punching Ash, lol! Mostly because physical violence against humans is kinda rare in the anime-verse.

      I'm going to definitely look those up. They're in the same photobucket account, right? :)
    16. Super-Staff
      ::Facepalms:: That sounds awful. I won't bother to look it up then.

      Thanks again, though! I'll see you around the forum. :)
    17. Super-Staff
      Cool! Thanks! I remember you posting this at Bulbagarden years ago and I'm glad to see it again!

      And what did they do to movie 2's adaptation? XD Don't really care to see it unless you really want me to, but I am curious about what went wrong there.
    18. Juputoru
      Nah, that'd just be seen as another take on the "Joe is fat" jokes(this time he's fat because HE EATS BABIES). Let's see...CORONIS IS PART OF A JAPANESE CRIME RING USING MANGA SCANS AS PART OF THEIR DIABOLICAL PLOT! (although I think I should publicize my involvement in getting the Pokephilia Club shut down more. That's automatic LEGENDARY HERO status for anyone involved(doubly so for Ellie since she actually closed the damned thing).)

      Come to think of it, Special didn't have the old couple who tutored Cyrus, did we? Granted, they're not as important as his GRANDFATHER, but I'm surprised the manga didn't throw in something about them. That aside, seeing grandpa convince Cyrus to leave(and presumably opening his heart and all that warm fuzzy jazz usually reserved for DPA) would be great.

      I always thought Plat was a huge cocktease about the distortion world post-game. You can go back...to a tiny little corner cut off from everything else. They should have at LEAST let you see Cyrus again.

      Pity there's no way to know. ...other than, uh, asking Coronis to clarify. I suppose it'd be best to bug him NOW, while he's still kinda paying attention to SPPf. (nothing against him, but he's not exactly the most active mod/person supplying most of our info about Special)
    19. Juputoru
      Hm, uh, how to get more SPPfwiki space...uh...BLACKJACK! YOU'RE FAT! *my wiki page triples in size*

      It COULD be, but I really don't want to assume that it IS.

      Well you have to remember that back when they gave Gio a mom/previous leader, TR was the only game in town. (although were the anime writers actually involved with the radio drama at all?) But there's still hope for Cyrus' grandpa(in the tiny optimistic corner of my mind)

      As for Special: Cyrus' Grandpa showing up after Cyrus gets out of the Distortion World to tell him a thing or two, maybe? Since Plat's already heading towards the Distortion World, it might be too late for the obvious alternative(Grandpa goes into the Distortion World to help Cyrus get OUT of it), although who knows how long it'll take them to actually get there...

      Oh yes, I saw the latest Special scans. Damn, I wish that this part of special would be translated sometime in the next century(and I know there are ways other than Viz, but Chuang Yi kinda sucks and the OTHER ways aren't to be discussed on SPPf). I wonder what exactly Dia said when he was correcting Cyrus on his definition of time and space, since it clearly had an effect on the Spacetime Gods and all. (at least Dia's continuing his "looks dopey but is actually a pretty bright kid" streak.)
    20. Juputoru
      Man, my thing just talks about how I'm amusing and am known for my bulletpoint summaries of anime episodes. I clearly need to get invovled in more e-drama.

      I don't believe this new game is Gen 5, period. We haven't even seen a Gen 5 Pokemon yet! Not to mention that the writers are going along as if there will be a filler arc(see:The Palmer episode. If this was gen 5, it would have been in development for quite a while, and the writers should have known about it back then. Why put in such a major hint about a BF arc if it's never going to happen?), and I seriously doubt that Gamefreak would forget to tell them about Gen 5. Or maybe I've just become a super-cynic after years of watching this fanbase overreact to everything.

      But yes, Cyrus' Grandpa needs to show up. Somehow. Even though the anime writers clearly don't give enough of a damn about character development(especially for evil team members who aren't JJ&M) to do that. (hm, I wonder if Cyrus' Grandpa will show up in the Platinum Pokespe arc...they DO give a damn about character development, after all!)
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    Jun 13, 1980 (Age: 39)
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    Museum Volunteer
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