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Blackjack Gabbiani
Last Activity:
Apr 25, 2020
Jan 10, 2005
Likes Received:
Jun 13, 1980 (Age: 40)
Home Page:
Museum Volunteer

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Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!, 40

Blackjack Gabbiani was last seen:
Apr 25, 2020
    1. Dragonfree
      No idea; I also thought everyone would probably think I posted it myself when I saw it, but apparently not. Granted, the image was down most of the night because it exceeded the bandwidth limit after a couple of hours, so the people who would've called selfpost might just not have actually seen it. :/
    2. Juputoru
      SPPfwiki: Sad but existant.

      I'll give the anime writers credit for giving TG more of an ending than the other evil teams got, although I still think that it was way way WAY too rushed. At least we'll hopefully see Pluto again at some point(assuming that the spazzing masses aren't right about the new game obliterating any filler arc needed to wrap up the storylines DP left dangling).
    3. Juputoru
      I probably saw that edit when I saw the sppfwiki in its early stages...although looking at it now, uh... actually, your entry is still basically a big fat joke. :/ I'm apparently unremarkable(aka don't post in misc or shipping) enough to only get three sentences in my entry. Or maybe I'm just not fat enough?

      Their ideas about TG are generally strange(if I can figure out what they're trying to say at all), but I generally don't bother trying to correct them. It's never, ever worth it with that sort of person. (and I think that Mars will get over Cyrus after the initial shock of his actions has passed. But I like to think of evil team admins/leaders as always having some kernel of reasonable-ness deep down inside.)
    4. Juputoru
      Oh, those demands. Because apparently a difference of opinion=Blackjack is a fat whale! Let's make fun of her! (I don't think any of them post their ages on their profiles, but I sincerely hope they're 13 or something if they're dishing out insults of that caliber)

      On a related note, I always love it when one of them posts an incomprehensible essay about how Satmarsupiter is perfect for Jupitmarsaturn because blah blah blah. Especially since it's never relevent to the topic at hand. And is always incomprehensible to anyone who's not Yeti, Mars, or Katya.
    5. Juputoru
      Good lord, what did you DO in a past life to have Mars Girl/Yeti/Katya harass you so much?

      (although I suspect that if you weren't here, the Trolly Trinity would be endlessly harassing some other poor user. At least 2/3rds of them are banned at the moment.)
    6. Katya Ivanova
      Katya Ivanova
      or even better, stones (boulders?)
    7. Katya Ivanova
      Katya Ivanova
      hey blackjack girl!!! what's up fly thug

      just wondering how much do you weigh???? preferably in kg as the lower number might make me less sick
    8. Profesco
      Thank you for clearing up my confusion about the manga releases, Blackjack. I was worried I had missed quite a bit! ^_^;
    9. Sweet May
      Sweet May
      8( bad SPPF.

      But aw. At least you found a way. I didn't even think of it at first myself. XD;
    10. Sweet May
    11. Sweet May
      Sweet May
      What are you talking about? Of course I have PMs enabled. You sure you're doing it right? But I suppose you can email it to me if you wish. shuukiwi@live.jp
    12. Mel-Girl
      I saw your post and yeah, good to have us know one way or another. Thanks for letting us know in advance!
    13. V Faction
      V Faction
      You never know if they'll play the final hand. I stay on my toes for the remnants of Galactic, Cyrus, Hunter J, or any number of things.
    14. V Faction
      V Faction
      Hey, now that's spiffy!

      And not really a fic, but I'd be more fan-crazed for an animated showdown. Even if its just the two of them laughing maniacally across from each other.
    15. Mel-Girl
      Eep, inbox stuff! Anyway I came to pass on a message!

      Santa has arrived! Go to the Shipper's Secret Santa and take a look! 8D

      have a kickass Christmas!

    16. ^^Yoshinichi^^
      Yes, that's a really cool Lawrence III fansite. x3 I wish he'd make a return appearance in another movie. Hopefully he still wants to collect legendaries.
    17. Mel-Girl
      Can you please clear your inbox? I tried to PM you who you got for Shipper's Secret Santa and I couldn't bevause your inbox is too full apparently.
    18. Katya Ivanova
      Katya Ivanova
      sorry, i was under the false pretence that we were referring to how you take offense to things prior to outwardly saying you don't, rather than my 'flagrant rule-breaking' and your witch hunt for mod status. how foolish of me...

      i also wasn't aware it was your job to monitor my behaviour. if you are reporting yeti and i out of desperation due to the fact that you falsely believe we aren't punished for our actions, perhaps you should do as kirby said and wait until you can actually view somebody's infractions before jumping to conclusions.
    19. Katya Ivanova
      Katya Ivanova
      i don't think i'm affecting you, nor do i go out of my way to attempt to - it is just easy to take potshots

      clearly you're pretty spiteful if you report on impulse
    20. Katya Ivanova
      Katya Ivanova
      i wouldn't say 'stalking'

      it's laughable that you would actually attempt to flatter yourself in such a manner in front of many who perceive you as an enormous (operative word: enormous) joke
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    Jun 13, 1980 (Age: 40)
    Home Page:
    Museum Volunteer
    Favourite Pokémon:


    The world's greatest collector [​IMG] as drawn by Yoru Ryu
    Fancy Jirarudan too? Then you'll enjoy my fic Obsession! (Chapter 32 posted December 29th 2108!)
    It's got its own TV Tropes page!
    Check out some of my other fics!
    Answering Machine, winner of Most Heartbreaking Scene 2013!
    Heart Like A Stone, winner of Most Heartbreaking Fic and 3rd place Best Canon Character-Centric 2014!
    Solar System, 4th place, Villainous Intent!
    In Vino Veritas, Best Fanfic Kumoricon 2018!