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Blackjack Gabbiani

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  • I posted three new pics in the volume 40 thread. I think you might be reminded of something from them.
    Consider it an easy way to see who is still in and who isn't. Whoever didn't respond to my PM, or visitor message in you and Shadow_Lugia_X000D's case would show that they are truly inactive. But since you responded, your back on the list with the same Pokemon you registered with.
    Due to the lack of member activity in Team Galactic, I was forced to take action and remove all the members from the member list of the club. If you wish to rejoin the club, respond to this message.
    Team galactique will be organizing a tournament. If you are interested or can't please post that you can't/ will participate.( PO or Game)
    The way you reply back, I believe my intuitions are right.

    EDIT: Threaten to smack you? Why would I threaten to smack someone over the internet? This sounds like the work of someone far more idiotic than even I.
    I'm pretty sure Outrage is a he.

    You wanna know how I know?

    1) He references getting cologne for Christmas. Only men wear cologne.
    2) He butthurts like a little *****. Only male nerds butthurt that bad.

    I only need two pieces of evidence.

    Also, I'm heavily aware I'm the only one looking bad in this situation. It feels empowering to be the 'bad guy', sometimes.

    Oh, and what did you think of the video?
    Well, I just like to watch you, and anyone else writhe around in anger and confusion is all.

    I respect you, but I just like to make the 'big' people fall down a few pegs. This is why I constantly annoyed mods on BGMf, they were so full of themselves, and they smeared their ideas and relationships through their blogs like monkeys smearing feces on rocks.

    However, though, I decided that, since you were so big, that I would weakly annoy you, and then make it look I was talking to myself about you behind my back.

    I didn't count on you finding that little post, but your reactions set me a new bar for my work. My alternate account on Bulbagarden, 'Cornhulio', should be an example. I annoyed the high-and-mighty Outrage in such a way that no other 'troll' on Bulbagarden could.

    Oh, and your voice is beautiful. I take back what I said about your Ultimecia voice.
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