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Blackjack the Titan

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  • yeah but got to trade this poor person from my trade shop jack so give me one minute okay ^_^ they been waiting trade thought feebas was the last ;)
    keep the bird i have spares of those I need to get rid of :D it has 4 egg moves on it as well ^_^
    also can't remember what you traded me for bastiodon so will just send you something random and you can keep this one...
    I don't have either one of those sadly someone helped me with those and crap forgot what was the other one I traded in the box for archeops lol
    oh don't need to breed anything right now atm since what you gave me already got plus I did get my shiny charm awhile ago XD not sure if I told you :p I just hatched a shiny dieno by accident breeding for someone at my trade shop LOL
    okay gunna get off and add the item to porygon 2 and then get back on after this one trade ^_^
    also i do need back all the mons though I do help you out no spares of them >.< just letting yo know some people think that I had spares lol
    okay saw your online now but you need to do is make sure your online with the festival plaza now if you are not just click the blue button all the way in the bottom corner right to get online...
    also blackjack do you have your wireless on because its not showing your online but I have you as a friend?
    my name is same as always allie since black and white main game XD I only have different names on my second copies which I don't do them anymore just obtain them thorough trade now ^_^ but let me go to my bank to check for bastiodon and then I will check if your still on my friends list and I will add you ^_^
    okay sure which I think I have bastiodon in bank lol everything else I do have in my boxes right now ^_^
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