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  • Actually, I would appreciate one. Let me know if there's something from my spreadsheet you'd like in exchange.
    Thanks for the Jangmo-o. I was just on to Wonder Trade my leftover Crabrawlers and I didn't want to trade the same thing to you. So, I traded something good I got in a Wonder Trade a bit ago. Funny enough, I got another Gligar from the same trainer a few trades after that one. So, I do still have one in a Moon Ball.
    Just a heads up; I've updated my list of Ball/HA Pokemon (finally). Still incomplete, though. It's a work in progress.
    Forgot to mention that I was offering the extra Togepi to you. Sorry about that.
    Sorry, now it's Monday for me and even posting this message, I won't be home for another 4 hours or so. @@ I'll make sure to ad yer FC just in case!
    Also, Volcanion's IVs are average at best, hence why I didn't list them. I'll check when I get home tho, just in case.
    Hello there! Sorry for not getting back to you on the trade!! I would still like to do it if you want to as well!
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