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  • Tis Secondary School for me. SOrry for vanishing for so long. Had a load of existential crises and all. How've you held up?
    I know, but I just used an example. But this is exactly the same with me. There's no big differences in our situations.

    Actually not really that different, y'know? But yeah, I would trust you with them, don't worry! xD

    Don't worry about it. If it doesn't work, then you still see how "good" those friends were, right? If they were real friends, they won't abandon you like that, they would believe you.
    Hmm, so mostly friend fall outs I see... I'm in the same situation. Like, I like gaming like my friends do, but I hate Playstation for instance, while they mostly hate Nintendo and a huge part Xbox, so that's how we aren't very close (atleast, I'm not close to them). And recently learning my two closest friends can't keep a damn secret, I trust neither of them. I only probably can go to one person, who's also a friend of mine but not really close, and he prefers other interests. I pay respect to my classmates, but they have their moments where they lack respect towards me. However, I know it's tough for you. But think of this: If they don't respect you, don't respect them. Give them a piece of their own medicine, they'll see that they regret their disrespectful behaviour towards you. That's what I'm trying as well, though it doesn't work out with my friends.
    Oh really? Well, you won't bore me with that. In fact, I would love trying to help you if you need a shoulder to cry on! I'm all ear!
    Don't worry about it, I wouldn't mind it at all!
    I just woke up. I guess it's alright. I got Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, Bloodborne(PS4), DmC Devil May Cry: Definitvie edition(PS4), and Fallout 4(PS4) for Christmas. You? What did you get?
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