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  • I do not think the Japanese text says much there, but the more notable part about the card is part of what is under the skull Cubone wears. Not only does it have the shape of a baby Kangaskhan, it even has the same colouration. Look at its snout, and in the eye-hole of the skull. The top of Cubone's skull is darker than the rest of its body, which fits very well with a baby Kangaskhan.

    I gave it a look when I was really into Pokemon glitches. Even now, I enjoy reading about the glitches games have.

    I know, I indeed used Air Brush. But I think the pen tool is what would work well for me. I like making individual drawings of things (Like that dog) more than scenery or patterns, actually. I would give it a try. Which software do you use for drawing?

    Good idea; I think I am going to try with some dinosaur or wolf-like Pokemon first, yes. Cats are my favourite animals, but, for some reason, I seem to have more fun drawing canines or dinosaurs.
    [Sorry for the late reply! >.<]

    The strange boy who got zapped was glaring angrily at the cute, yellow creature who was unknown to him. He started yelling at that creature.

    'Hey little rat! Why did you shock me!?' he yelped at the strange creature, before bending over, to glare at the creature. He was still angry at the creature for zapping him, so he stood on his same location, whiile still glaring. 'Answer me, pipsqueak!'
    His friend with a warm content smile and glossy teal eyes focusing on the newly but still the same face of his friend.Without a friendly gesture like a shake,he unreluctantly hugs his friend.

    "Yes it has been ^^"
    Rhydon and Kangaskhan are about everywhere here, because, you know, the Index Numbers of 001 and 002. But as for the Cubone line's supposed connection to the Kangaskhan line, you have seen this card, yes?

    We have a site dedicated to not only glitches, but also the rumours, like the PokeGods. It is a very good site for these purposes.

    I really agree about the lines; my lines left blur at the edges (Because the brush was not solid), and that left stray pixels, even after colouring. So, I used the particular colour to try to remove these stray pixels. The lines in my drawing are uneven because of this. Ah, a funny thing about the lack of motivation is that I got it for MOTHER fanart primarily in the first place. ^^; Actually, that dog is from MOTHER 3.
    An aaspiring Pokémon master whose ideals contrast with that of his long time friend whom he is going to meet.
    [OK then, I'll reply tomorrow, since it's pretty late, and since this RP contains long posts, I'll do it tomorrow, since I can better concentrate and write better!]
    Eh I don't see myself dropping any of my hobbies atm. Ive always been a gamer and I want to get really good at chess. But when there's nothing to do and everyone I know is on holiday, it sure gets boring.
    Eh, apparently my vocals are ok, but I don't practice them all that much. Perhaps I inherit them from father, he he. I'd... Like to get with a couple friends who do play instruments to... put on a performance for... someone I know... But I really don't have the time, sadly. Really, and quite sadly, chess is my only hobby outside of gaming.
    Rusty, eh? Yeah, adjusting to the forums after a hiatus isn't easy.

    I've tried other things, like drawing and even guitar, and it just hasn't worked because I'm just not good and not willing to put my time into them.
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