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  • I see. Glad to see someone is better with tech than me.

    I like to know my people. I plan to take up psychology when I eventually do A level (a ways of yet). I do the odd research because the area really intrigues me. Yes, chess does require people to calculate lines and create plans in rediculous amount of time: tbh, this comes from a LOT of practice: a lot of chess is pattern recognition. Even in a completely unfamiliar position. It may share tactical or strategic themes with a position previously encountered positions.
    I'm a god damn solider! *somkes a American sigcar* A American Solider! I need more! I'm no gentleman... I'M A REAL MAN!
    Do u know who I am? Brother of Steel. Man of the end of the Fallout nuke problem. Saviour of the world! I would like more then a Mario ending! I'm no Link I need more then a kiss!
    Actually, I believe it turns into Rhydon (In the same way it turns into a Ditto) when you catch it the first time, and it evolves into Kangaskhan. It also evolves into Clefairy at Level 128 (And then into Clefable with a Moon Stone, as usual). Trying to catch 'M produces two Pokemon: a Rhydon (If this is the first time) / 'M (If you have already caught an 'M and had it turn into a Rhydon) and a Ditto.

    Oh, definitely. I agree that it is kind of trippy. From someone whose favourite game is EarthBound, "trippy" is a compliment.

    Ah, it looks very good. Do you use a graphic tablet? I have a graphic tablet, but I have made a grand total of one drawing on it. I need... motivation. This is the first and only drawing I have ever made with a graphic tablet. Tell me some way to get motivation?
    Do you mean uploading your drawings or jsut outright posting a picture?

    Chess isn't just for smart people tbh. I'm sure anyone could learn to be really good at it given tons of dedicated study and practice (like I do). However, due to brain structure, men have a slight advantage due to their ability to focus on one complex thing at a time very well. The multitasking woman isn't a stereotype, it's a result of the female brain structure.
    Well, it is not my idea of fun to sit and listen to distorted cries of Glitch Pokemon, honestly. :p

    Oh, the Glitch Pokemon 'M. It is one of the most popular Glitch Pokemon, actually. I remember that from when I read through a Let's Play of Pokemon Blue (More like tearing apart the game :p). Of course, if no one knows why, I have no chance. But perhaps it has something to do with the fact that in Generation I and II, if you catch any wild Pokemon that has used Transform (Be it Mew or a glitch Pokemon), you will obtain a Ditto instead.

    'M turns into a Ditto if you catch it while it is not in its sprite form. From what I gather, the first time you catch 'M, it turns into Rhydon. The next time you catch it (Encountering it again) in its sprite form, you actually get 'M. But it still fights after you catch it, and if you catch it here (At this time, 'M will have no battle sprite), you get Ditto. I have not played the game and definitely not glitched it, but this is what I understand.

    As for the ZZAZZ glitch... I read about it on Bulbapedia. I, for some reason, had been taking a look at all the glitches that even mildly caught my interest in the past. I especially like the glitch in Generation II where you see Ho-oh in its actual colours instead of a silhouette (Glitch Dimension).

    Oh. In that case, upload the image, right-click it, copy image source / image URL, and use it as normal.
    And listen to all the distorted Glitch Pokemon cries? :p

    ...No one has any idea why a glitch takes place? That is odd. Which glitch are you talking about, exactly? Link me to it or something? The one where you encounter wild Ditto to encounter other Pokemon?

    Of course. If something interests me, I would be more invested in it than something that does not. And this does.

    You can link me to it through a word. Like, say, the word is "art". You can put any word there, of course. So, use this, removing the *.

    Yup :)
    Lmao yeah I guess :3
    Sounds pretty cool. I have a tumblr too but I hardly use it.
    So do you watch anime?
    Don't stop drawing. Drawing is a good idea.

    Oh no, my unhealthy obsession is chess. RPGs are just a cruel pastime.
    You're a really nice Person Star :)

    I like N.Hmm how about the character U choose is N'd childhood friend and they meet back in present as adults?
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