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  • Hello :)! You are very welcomed. Nah, I seen that you were a cool person to talk to and hang with.

    Thanks, I really like your Milotic avatar as well.

    I remember that, I recorded that episode out for the lulz. I wish that quote happened more often.
    Hello! Thanks for your friend request. Is it because you read my post in the social groups thread?

    Your avatar is awesome.

    "Gary was here, Ash is a loser!"

    He, the Magikarp Salesman, Brock in Kanto and Jotho, and Misty are the best anime characters, and Ash in Kanto, Orange Islands and Jotho is fine as well.
    Im the type of guy of a different bread.
    Unless you meant breed... are you pumpernickel? I like pumpernickel...
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