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  • I've been alright. On summer vacation after a stressful year and a summer class. Finally getting some time to relax a bit. Also trying in vain to advertise my boyfriend's youtube channel. Haven't been very effective at that I'm afraid.
    Yeah, Radiant Dawn changed the Jeigan archetype, at least, with Sothe, but he was actually good if you leveled him up.
    At least he has an original death quote, unlike most others. I don't like Jagen much anyway. In the next one, Arran took his place as the Jeigan archetype. As if he was very good anyway.
    I always let Jagen die. He's far too terrible to use anyway. Hard mode skips the prologue, though, but then you don't have Frey, and can't get Norne. On SD`s hard modes, it's easier to reach the gaiden chapters since people die, and you get someone else in each one (Athena, Horace, Etzel, Ymir, Nagi). The requirements are have 15 or less people alive at the chapter, and for Nagi, add Tiki being dead and not getting Falchion to that requirement. Not worth it, unless you really want to use those characters.
    Nino's kid, green hair, get him in chapter three, has a twin brother Ray. Maybe you've seen a different name for him.

    Hard mode is evil. I had to let people die to win, which is tough for me to do.
    Reminds me of Lugh's supports. "Hey, the delivery man just came and dropped off my baked tarts. Want one?"
    My response: o_O How did you...? I don't even...

    The chapter Cog of Destiny was insane. Valkyries everywhere(@.@), and more Fortify staves. Luckily, I used the three Pegasus Knights that run. I remember Fargus had over 80 HP on Eliwood's hard mode. Thank god he's you don't have to attack him.
    Wil's a funny guy, especially in supports with Raven. "...Hey, how about Rave? It's a nickname, for you." :p

    Dart's fun to use, but it's tricky getting the Ocean Seal without a thief. Ever try hard mode?
    I don't know why I don't like him. I know Kyle is a great unit, but I just don't like him. Maybe Franz has something to do with it. He is my favorite mounted unit in Sacred Stones

    Oswin is awesome, but he really has no competition in that game when the only other general is Wallace. :/
    I like Wendy from Roy's game the most, just because she has pink armor. That, and the young new recruits always seem to make their way into my favorites.
    That wiki has taught me a lot about each game, like what happened to the characters in Marth's world in the following game.

    I like most of the cavalier duos, equally, except Kyle. Just something about doesn't appeal to me. My favorite is the Kieran/Oscar duo, mainly because of their "rivalry" and Oscar's ability to triangle attack with his bros. Kent/Sain is my second favorite duo due to how classic they feel.
    I just checked on the fire emblem wiki: Roy is the only lord whose dad isn't dead by the end of the game. I guess this applies to Micaiah too, even though she's not a lord to start.

    The two cavaliers(?) they have revealed look promising as well.
    Yeah, at least Eliwood didn't die, like every other lord's father. Roy's a lucky guy. I loved all the family connections, like Nino and Lugh/Ray, Wolt and Rebecca, Geese and Geitz, among many others.

    I like the "My Unit" feature in Awakening since he/she uses swords and magic tomes, a really interesting class.
    Sequel as in the one with Roy? I've played it before, but as of now, my favorite is Radiant Dawn. Awakening (assuming it comes here) is sure to change that.
    I've only borrowed it, but it's great. I have Radiant Dawn and Shadow Dragon (a shame the sequel never was released out of Japan).
    Really? Have you seen the Fire Emblem Thread in the Nintendo Discussions?

    But yes, I've recently become a fan of the series.
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