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Last Activity:
Jun 16, 2015
Jun 13, 2014
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New Member

Blade_The_Wind was last seen:
Jun 16, 2015
    1. Razor Leafeon
      Razor Leafeon
      Heyo blade. Doing guild cleanup to see who's active, message me back if you are and want to stay in the guild.
    2. trident20
      you know you can leave a message on my page lol

      newb :P
    3. Blade_The_Wind
      The Gator.

      Just The Gator.
    4. trident20

      swampert > everything
    5. Astral Shadow
      Astral Shadow
      Xat avi is done.
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    Hey! I'm Blade to most of you, although I'm also called The Gator by my friends. I'm a dude who loves Pokemon, hence I've been playing since Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. I still have Platinum, Heartgold, and Black 2 to date. I have Pokemon Y, so if anyone needs some exclusives from Pokemon Y, you can just PM me what you need. I do not catch pokemon often. For a while, I can give away about a box of HA unknown IV Chespins. If you want one, just do the exact same that you'd do for a exclusive. Right now, I'm currently working on getting the Kalos Dex complete, and getting the National Dex complete.