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  • I understand the time portion, we all need to prioritize real life. For posterity, what parts of the system are confusing so improvements can be done down the road?
    Hey there! Just so you know, as the challenge taker you need to not only select your team, but also one of your pokemon out of the six you want to use first.

    Oh and another thing, if you have more than 1 higher level pokemon in your squad. If you use them in the battle they have a chance to disobey you, so be careful about that!
    Hey, welcome to the league! I've noticed you signed up for UPN as well, and that's great! Thing is there is a problem for people posting for the first time over on UPN, so if you notice that you're unable to post, send a PM to a 'Lady Kuno', who is the owner of the site. I'd also advise getting your squad of 15 together before you go into your first battle, so that if you accept someone elses challenge and end up posting your squad second, you have more options to work with.

    Any other questions feel free to ask, and I hope you enjoy ASB!
    Welcome to the Anime Style Battling side of things! If you need help or advice, don't be afraid to ask someone. :)
    Female Pokemon pass down the ball that they are in, but males do not. So if you catch a female Dratini in a Lure Ball, you can breed it with any male Pokemon and all of the offspring Dratini will be in Lure Balls. A "rare" ball is one that isn't available anymore on that Pokemon. Dream Balls are a great example of this. Female Pokemon in Dream Balls are worth more in a trade, even if they have terrible IVs, because Dream Balls aren't available anymore and the only way to get them is by finding someone who can breed you one. Once you have the female Pokemon in the Dream Ball, you can breed any moves and IVs onto it that you want.
    You must live in a very different time zone than me, because it's only 1930 here :) Thank you so much for the trade! I don't really have any use for flawless Dratinis unless they have a rare move or are in a rare ball. I would trade you another IV-bred Pokemon for one, but not a shiny or a legendary.
    What are the IVs on the Venusaur, and what moves does it have? Did you breed it? I'm not sure what I would offer you for it. I have some shiny Shaymins and flawless Japanese Dittos, and basically anything that's listed in my trade shop I still have. I've also got some Dream Ball Arceus and regular Manaphy with nothing particularly special about them.

    I don't want anything that isn't legit.
    Hey Bladeforge! It's fine, really! I don't mind waiting, and you're not making up excuses. A video game shouldn't be at the forefront of anyone's life. Fundraisers for real life are a lot more important! We can do it at 7:15 on Thursday. My FC is 5129-1087-8128. I hope you have a great rest of the day!
    My kung fu teacher didn't do belts; I just took it for a year. I couldn't tell you what "belt" I was :(

    I'm sorry I missed your messages; they never showed up on my notifications and I just now saw that I had them. I apologize for missing them, as Tuesday at 6:15 CST will work for me. What about this upcoming Tuesday?
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